Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boot Camp Day 2...

We enjoyed playing in the snow yesterday. We double layered the Brownies to go outside to play in the snow. Little Brownie was very shy and uncertain of all the white stuff when we came out. Big Brownie went for a huge scoop of snow to throw up in the air. We ran to the back yard and Daddy Brown used a box and some cord to fashion a sled. The boys loved it. Guess who loved it more... Sissy. As Daddy Brown ran with a Brownie on the makeshift sled, Sissy ran, jumped and hopped around. Then it was Sissy's turn and she LOVED it! The Brownies ran to the back of the yard. We still have berries on some of the trees. The Brownies had a blast and before long, everyone was chilled to the bone.

One good thing about Big Brownie potty training and running around with a bare toochy...the heat is up to 70 degrees inside. We all thawed out pretty quickly. Later in the evening, I went outside and loaded up a huge bowl of snow for snow cream. I made a huge batch using a recipe from a friend. 1 c of sugar, 1-2 tsp of vanilla, 1-2 cups of milk, 2 eggs (optional...we left this out because of the boys) and snow! Yummy! We enjoyed our snow both outside and in. Everyone was in the bed and asleep by 8:30p and everyone slept in until 9a this morning.

Now, as we assess our fridge, we are officially out of milk and juice. Daddy Brown is venturing out to the convenient store or grocery store depending on the roads. He has a love affair with snow and ice. In our younger days, we would go out on days like this with our overall on and boots. We would equip the truck with tow ropes and chains. With the truck in 4 wheel drive, we would drive around and help others out in distress. A luxury we no longer indulge now that we are responsible parents of the Brownies. is a treat for Daddy Brown to get out and play in the snow for a short amount of time. I don't worry a bit when he leaves because I know he was trained well. Daddy Brown's dad, Pops, would totally be out in it if his tires were in better condition.

Now...on to the big news of the day. Day 1 of Potty Training Boot Camp was a success! The conversation heart treats are the best, but unfortunately because of the snow, and the fact we just started potty training on a whim, we didn't prepare for the mass amounts of pee(ing) in the potty. Each #1 deposit receives 1 heart. Each #2 deposit receives 2 hearts. I started out with a 4 oz mason jar of hearts and as of this morning, we are out! Luckily, I had purchased some mint and chocolate chips last week on sale at Food Lion from the post Christmas clearance sale.

Big Brownie has been running to the potty to tinkle so he can taste the different treats. We were not brave enough to go without a diaper overnight, but we did use a regular diaper as opposed to an overnight diaper. He didn't overflow the diaper so that too is a good sign. The struggle...keeping Little Brownie out of the potty. He wants to put his toys in the potty, lift the seat and jump on Big Brownie's back while he's doing his business. Oh me...too bad he wasn't ready for potty training too! We move into Day 2 with an optimistic outlook on our progress. We'll keep you posted!

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