Friday, January 15, 2010

Resting and at peace... is done. Our Bubba is now peacefully resting in our backyard. It has been a tough week and even tougher day today. Daddy Brown and I are terribly heartbroken, but know that we have made the right decision for our Bubba. He will no longer be in pain and will suffer no more. I began preparing Big Brownie for what was to come. Yesterday, I explained that Bubba was sick and he had to go to the doctor. I told him that Daddy Brown and I would take Bubba to the doctor and then Bubba would go to be with Baby Jesus in heaven. I told him that when he came home from his play date at Aunt Fudge's house, that Bubba would not be here.

As much as a 2 year old could comprehend, he knew something was happening to Bubba and that I had been upset. He comforted me all week. He would ask me, "Mama, are you sad?" I would tell him, "Yes baby, Mama is very sad?" More than once, he told me "Mama, let me hold you", "Mama, do you want a hug?" "Here Mama, drink some juice, it'll make you feel ALL better" and "Mama, here, have a binkie". All things that are comforting to him when he is feeling sad. It helped me know that my son knows how to recognize emotion and how to accommodate accordingly. He knows how to have compassion and he knows how to comfort. I'm so proud of my boys. Even Little Brownie came and gave me hugs and kisses all week for no apparent reason. Big Brownie told me several times, "Mama...Daddy will be home REAL soon to hold you and make it all better." That helps me to know that he sees the love between Daddy Brown and I, and he knows that I find comfort in his Dad and that I love him very much.

Yes, it has been a tough week. Aunt Apple and Aunt Berry both came by yesterday to say their goodbye's. Aunt Berry took a few pictures of Bubba and Sissy while she was here. I'm thankful that today was the most beautiful day and that I was able to take my Bubba and Sissy out to play in the backyard while the boys took their naps. We played and I took a few more pictures of them enjoying each other and enjoying the day. The Lord blessed us with this last day to be with them, love on them and hold them. Daddy Brown came home early from work and had time to spend with our Bubba before we left for his appointment. Our heart aches and we have held our Sissy all night. She knows something is different and I'm sure is wondering where her Bubba is too. Big Brownie came home tonight and asked about Bubba. He wanted to know when he would be coming home. I reminded him he was with Baby Jesus now up in heaven. His response..."Oh, right. Are we going to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus again?" So sweet.

We will all remember our Bubba. He was a great pet, friend, companion and family member. It is difficult for me to sleep tonight. I want so badly for him to be inside sleeping on the couch with Sissy. I want to rub his sweet face and see his little nub wag with happiness. Daddy Brown and I will rely on all the sweet memories of our Bubba to help us through the next few days. Each day will hopefully get a little easier. Each day will hopefully get a little better. For now, we have comfort in knowing that he is finally resting and is now finally at peace.


almost five said...

Oh that last picture...

They are all beautiful reminders of your beloved dog. Hugs from down the road!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Big Brownie ~ he's such a loving, caring, and compassionate little toddler! A good example for his little brother and maybe he'll rub off on his little cousin! : )