Thursday, April 26, 2012


In our home, we talk to the Brownies quite often about how to handle their money.  When I speak of "their" money, this could mean money either given to them or money earned for completing a task that had a monetary value.  Now, since the Brownies are only 3 and 4 years old, this means breaking it down on terms quite simple.  They have a piggy bank in which we save money.  They have a "God" jar for their tythe.  They have a spend jar for the fun they want to buy.  And they have "Give" jar that we find either missions or charities to donate.  

Last night, I heard the Brownies discussing the "Give" jar.  Who or what do they want to donate money to help others.  The next thing I know, I'm presented with their "Give" jars and my tape dispenser.  They asked for me to open their jars and give them a big piece of tape. When I ask why? Big Brownie said, "Well Mom, we talked it over and we think it's gonna cost Santa a lot of money to give toys to everybody. We need to leave money out for him by the chimney, so he can start saving too."  When I came downstairs this morning, this is what I find taped to the wall.  I prayed prayers of thanksgiving that my Brownies have the ability to identify a need and figure out a way to help in their own way.  This was a precious moment and I am thankful that they have giving hearts and spirits.


Friday, April 20, 2012

S'more for you...


Being able to sit around the fire roasting hot dogs, making s'mores and enjoying the spring weather is just part of growing up.  These are the memories I hope the Brownies remember most.  Not what they got in their Easter basket to eat or play with, but the simple love of family.  This evening we brought out the roasting sticks and put them to use.  Dusting off the old logs to throw in the pit and sipping sweet tea, life just seems to slow down for a few hours.  Hot dogs over the fire, s'mores melting in our mouth and talking about our day.  No television, no email or cell phone to distract.  Just honest conversation with our boys and connecting as a family unit.  Once our belly's are full, we broke out the glow sticks for nighttime play once the sun goes down.  Oh spring nights, with the warm winds blowing through our hair, life doesn't get much better than this.  Thank you Father God for the many blessing abound.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hold the Yogurt Batman...

Ever wonder what it's like to live with a superhero?  Well...The Brownies are Superheroes in their own right.  They love to dress up as Star Wars heroes, they love to dress up as Super Mario Brothers, but most of all, they love to dress up as Batman and Robin.  After having the Batman superhero birthday of all birthdays last year for Big Brownie, we have done nothing but be "faster than a speeding bullet".  We can make just about any experience more enriched with a cape.  How about an afternoon stroll with such a fine Superhero?  That's just what we did.  After Daddy Brown came home from work, and a quick "Super Yogurt" snack, we heading down the road to fix mayhem.  With our Super Dog Andy by our side, we set out to save the day.  Oh me, aside from giggling the whole time, we managed to save a caterpillar from certain death in the road, pick up a can or two to recycle and last but not least, save our dog Andy from dehydration by sharing our water supply with him.  Yep, I'm most assured that with Superhero Brownies in our home, the joker is no match!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding some peace...

 With the warmer weather, it is not uncommon to find the back door open from morning to dusk.  With the security of a fenced in back yard and our highly protective watch dog Andy, the Brownies are given a bit of freedom.  Especially on a busy at home work day for me, they love the opportunity to find activities.  Usually these activities are together, however on this particular day, Little Brownie fell asleep on the couch.  Big Brownie asked if he had to nap or could he play.  With my approval, he gathered his Star Wars Dictionary and found a quiet place to read and review.  This is where I found him...peaceful.

And about the cutest toes my heart has ever seen.