Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What did we do...

It amazes me...the technology we have available today. I vividly remember life before cell phones, computers, laptops, DVD players, ipods...and the list goes on and on. I remember when we got our first VHS player, our first DVD player, our first Nintendo (Atari prior to that), I remember watching my dad put a computer together using parts from radio shack and using 5 1/4 inch diskettes to save data. The Lord continues to bless us all with genius minds to create new and abundant technologies. I can't even imagine in 30 years, what my kids will remember as their firsts. Tonight, while on the internet, it makes me smile to know that when I was a kid, to complete my assignments, I had to actually go to the library and do research.

We have video monitors to view our Brownies in their bedrooms. I sit downstairs and have a watchful eye and ear on their every move, while they sleep upstairs in their rooms. I stare most nights and watch them sleep. What a luxury I have to be able to view their every move, hear their every breathe and watch as they peacefully sleep like the sweet babies they are. What did we do before we had such amenities? I remember my mom coming in my room, sometimes several times a night, to check on me. She needed the same security in knowing we were safe, asleep and without need. I have that ability, without having to venture all over the house. Such blessings and luxuries we have these days.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh Happy Day...

Do you remember this one...
Oh happy day (oh happy day)
Oh happy day (oh happy day)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Washed my sins away (oh happy day)
Oh happy day (oh happy day)
If you love the movie Sister Act 2, you will appreciate the version of this song.  It is one of my favorite songs to hum and sing here at the House of Brown.  It is funny that the Brownies start to sing their own versions of songs.  Big Brownies version went something like this...
Oh, I'm so Happy (oh I'm so happy), Jesus washed my day away...repeat over and over again
Big Brownie, Little Brownie and I got out of the house for some much needed play time at the park today.  We had the added surprise of seeing our neighbors playing as well.  The Brownies were so excited to be out of the house and enjoying a day that wasn't completely rained out.  Oh, what a Happy Day it truly has been for all of us.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Homegrown fun...

This week has been unlike most.  We have not left the house in 3 days, which is a big deal for us.  Most days involve at least one trip out to the store or a visit to family and/or friends.  We usually get up, eat breakfast and Big Brownie puts on his shoes and waits for the announcement of where we will be going for the day.  Laundry and house cleaning/organizing have been on the docket this week.  I'm on a mission to de-clutter and get organized.  My normal state of mind is organized chaos.  It has been a week of Brownies in t-shirt and diapers and me in pajamas.  The theory is if we are not dressed to go out, we will stay in and stay focused.  Although progress is slow, at least we have a plan.

Little Brownie is pleased with the new plan for the week.  This week being at home, he has found comfort in just hanging out with his brother.  Usually his high energy will not allow him to sit still for any length of time.  However, being at home has given him the opportunity to just play, read and be held.  Kisses and hugs have been in abundance this week.  He is so inquisitive these days.  In the mornings, I have been opening the windows and doors to allow the fresh, cool breeze in the house.  He loves to put his hand to the window and touch the screen.  He shrieks with glee.  Big Brownie points out the sounds they hear..."a bird, hear it?  Mama, the wind, hear it?"

Big Brownie has been ultra excited about the projects of the house.  To him, cleaning out a closet means finding new "treasures".  He found a jewelry box of mine from many years ago.  He brought it to me and said..."Oooo, treasure box Mommy".  His little eyes lit up to see what we could find.  Yesterday morning while sorting the laundry, he helped me by putting specific items in specific baskets.  The only problem was once I was done, he was not.  He dumped them all back into the floor and started all over again.  My initial reaction was to correct him, but I saw a determination in him to repeat the instruction on his own.  He put all the clothes back in the correct basket and I was pleased.  He followed direction and I realized he has a desire for me to give him responsibilities.  His new "job" is diaper duty.  He is to put all dirty diapers in the trash.  He completes his job well.  He does it with spunk and graciousness.

The Brownies inspire me to live each day to the fullest.  Not every day is filled with sunshine and rainbows, but I truly bathe in the blissfulness of the ones that do.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The sacrifice and tragedy of a country…

There are plenty of “where were you” moments in history for all of us. For some, it was December 7, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and for others, August 16, 1977, when Elvis died, just to name a few. For me, it was Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

I was 25 years old and worked for a construction/development company in Brentwood. The morning began as every other morning for Daddy Brown and I. We had been married for almost 3 years and had just bought our first home. Daddy Brown woke early and went to work. As usual, I was stuck in traffic on my way to work. I didn’t have the radio on that morning as I was going through my head all the things I needed to complete for the day, completely unaware of what was to transpire through the day. Daddy Brown called me on my cell phone and asked me if I had heard the news…”kamikaze planes have hit the twin towers”. I’ll never forget that statement. I sat in traffic trying to find some news on the radio, but reports were sketchy and mostly speculation. I walked into the office and news was just breaking. The second plane had not hit so it was still possible this was an accident.

The President of the company I worked had a small 4” black and white television. We placed it in the window and watch a grainy reception. Then, the second plane hit. The image is as vivid today as it was then. What emotions, what sadness. Was it possible for two planes to accidentally hit the towers? Could this still be a mistake…No. Soon reports started coming in of plane crashes in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. A tremendous amount of fear came over me. I personally didn’t know anyone that died that day, but I still felt like something was taken from me…my sense of security. We as a country were under attack. I ventured back to my cubicle and my direct boss and I kept running to each other’s desk with a new report we had heard online or on the radio. The first tower fell, the second tower fell and the day continued that way…It was not a productive work day.

When I came home that evening, Daddy Brown and I were glued to the television all evening and through the night. We cried and prayed for this to be a dream, but alas it was true. I’ll never forget that day and the innocent people that died. Even in tragedy my allegiance to my country grew exponentially that day. That was a sad day and truly sad that it took a tragedy to make these emotions and passions come to the surface. I pray every day for our country and our leaders, for our soldiers and our children of the future. Today as the war continues and our soldiers continue to fight, it inspires me to continue to send them support. I write letters and emails to soldiers currently deployed. I found a great website, You can find soldiers from all 4 branches and choose a soldier to support. We currently support 4 soldiers and another friend. They sacrifice being at home with family and friends to protect us in the name of Freedom. On this day, I’m remembering the sacrifices of those for our country and the tragedy that transpired 8 years ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting it done...

Since quitting my job to be a stay at home mom, my basic daily decisions entail a variety ranging from what will we have for breakfast to...whose laundry will I wash today, the Brownies laundry or the whites (you get the idea). This is a big change from the responsibilities I had as Director of Operations of a multi-million dollar company. In that position, I had a commanding voice.

Last week I had an "incident" with our local bank that I was very displeased about. I went in and discussed my "incident" with the local branch, talked with the Vice President and was not satisfied with the answers that I received. I left the bank with steam bellowing from my ears and a few choice words rolling around in my head, but refrained as I’m trying to be the new mellow version of myself. However, as the day went on, the business workaholic from my pre-mommy state began to emerge. I kept saying, it just isn’t right, they are stealing from us and I don’t like it. So, I emailed the headquarter office and asked for the address and telephone number of the President and CEO of the bank. The kind customer service representative emailed me promptly and asked if she could help me. I shared with her my issue and she kindly gave me the information I requested. She also gave me the Vice President’s supervisor information to voice my concern first and go through the proper chain of command.

Instead of writing an email or picking up the phone, I decided to go the old fashion route and put pen to paper and write a letter. With the Labor Day holiday approaching and the knowledge that the bank would be closed for a few days, I thought I would give it a week and follow-up with the supervisor. Today, one week from the date of my letter, not only did my “incident” get resolved in a favorable fashion, but I received a friendly call from my local branch Vice President.

It goes to show that when you take a stand against something that you know is not right, you should fight for it…it is worth it. Even if in the end, you don’t get the favorable result as I did, you made the effort. Never discount the power of a letter with postage and mailed the old fashion way, and the change you can affect in doing the right thing. Treating individuals with respect and kindness is always the best route. I could have ripped into the Vice President of the local branch, but that would not have been a good decision on my part. I would not want my Brownies to see me act in such a way. Even at their tender age, I know they would not understand what was going on around them. I want them to see me choosing the right path and making good decisions. Call this one closed and an example of getting it done!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeling ever blessed...

Ever have those days that you are just so grateful for just about everything? Today has been one of those days. As I write this, I get teary eyed just thinking about how blessed we are and how blessed a life we live.

I am so thankful for Daddy Brown. This November, we will celebrate our 11th year of marriage. It is difficult for me to remember a time before he was in my life. I have as much love and passion for him today as I have ever had and am grateful for such a wonderful gift of his love. It is truly a gift.

We celebrated my birthday last weekend with Daddy Brown's side of the family and celebrated this weekend with my side of the family. I love getting together and celebrating, not for the presents or the cake and ice cream, but because my family is my world in whole. Daddy Brown came from good stock. They love me, not as an in-law, but as a daughter and sister. I am thankful for my parents and grateful of the job they did in raising me. They taught me how to be a great mom and my sisters are my best friends.

Today I sat and thought about my Brownies and what their lives have in store for them. Will they be kind and caring? Will they be respectful and Godly men? These are the things I pray for in their future. It scares me to know we have such a monumental responsibility in raising them. It also makes me keenly aware of our duty to love and nurture their every need, as well as disciplining them to know right from wrong. Being a mother has had so many surprising emotions for me. I never knew that I had so much love in me to give and I never knew how much unconditional love I could receive.

Yep, today I'm feeling ever blessed!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a memorable week this has been!!!

This week has been filled with things I want to remember for a lifetime.

Little Brownie is growing so fast. This week alone he has began waving, taking a few steps while holding onto one hand and regaining balance from uncertain footing just to name a few. He gives the best hugs. He is always on the go, so hugs and kisses can be hard to come by during normal business hours. However, at night, he loves nothing more than to curl up in my neck and wrap his little arms around me and drift off to sleep.

Big Brownie is finally at the end of his yucky stomach bug from last week. This week he laid down with me at nap-time, closed his eyes and fell asleep in my arms. One of the most comforting memories I have as a child is sleeping in my moms arms. Now, one of the most comforting memories I have with my Big Brownie is him sleeping in mine. It is truly amazing how life comes full circle and the joys and pains of being a parent are everlasting.

One of the Brownies favorite books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? This afternoon as we drove home from visiting family, Big Brownie began singing his own version of the book. It went a little something like this...

"Popsicle, Popsicle...What do you see? I see a Popsicle looking at me. Popsicle, Popsicle what do you hear, I hear a Popsicle eating in my ear."

I giggled as I watched in the rear-view mirror and Little Brownie thought that was just hilarious. They laugh and giggle all the time. Especially in the car as Little Brownie is still rear facing and they can see each other clearly without much effort. What a memorable week this has been!!!

Mama Brown turns 33

Yesterday, Mama Brown and Daddy Brown with the two Brownies, enjoying the best birthday yet. Mama Brown's first birthday with two Brownies makes life that much sweeter!

Big Brownie liked cake for supper..."Ummm...Nummy, Yummy!!!"
Little Brownie thought cake for supper was pretty awesome, however, he still wanted his standard yogurt cup too.

Daddy Brown brought Mama Brown a dozen beautiful roses and lots of hugs and kisses. The day could not have ended any better. Bring on the next 365 days!!!

Blogging...Really???, I've been an anti-blogger for a while. Not really sure why, just didn't think I really had the time to sit down and share the tidbits of our life with the world...until I found Facebook. Now, I periodically throughout the day check-in to see what my 275 friends are doing on a daily basis and post little Brownie-isms and news from time to time. So, this is me, "blogging" if you will. Not sure why...but giving it a whirl.