Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Little Brownie turns 6...

It is hard to believe that 2,190 days ago at 3:07a, we gave birth to our second son Little Brownie. Wow...that sounds like more days than I can remember.  As Little Brownie turns 6, I sit here and reflect over how quickly it has gone, how much we have changed and especially how much he has grown.

Little Brownie is definitely a competitor.  He loves to play with his best friend Big Brownie.  He enjoys drawing pictures and creating a whole story around it.  Many of the main characters might be reflective of people in his life with new names, to protect their identity I'm certain.  He will look for the good in most every situation.  As an incoming first grader of our homeschool life, he LOVES science and making potions.  He loves to hear stories of wonder like James and the Giant Peach and The Magic Tree House series.  He loves to play baseball, but mostly when he is hitting the ball well and running the fastest around the bases.  He has learned to be a good sport and congratulate others when they might have a slight advantage.

He is an awesome board game player.  Multiple winnings of the popular game Dog-o-poly. Speaking of dogs, he is a natural dog whisperer.  He enjoys learning to work with dogs and dogs naturally gravitate to him.  He gently hums, when he is quiet and he always gives the best compliments to make me feel special.  I am certain he will one day be an amazing husband, father and Jesus follower.  

As in the past, on his birthday, I share the audio of his birth from the 911 call Daddy Brown placed as we "birthed" him in the car.  It will be available all day today and then put away for another year.  It's been a little crazy around here the past few weeks, and I failed to get the video updated with pictures from this previous year.  So, you will be viewing the 2013 version.  Realize that Little Brownie is about 5 inches taller, a more diverse and crisp vocabulary and still the most caring soul on the planet. Enjoy!  

I blogged about this experience in 2009, and you can read his birth story here.