Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little Brownie turns 7...

And just like that, another 365 days have passed.  The days go by so much faster, when your kids are growing up.  Our Little Brownie has accomplished so many things over the last year.  He is officially a 2nd grader and reading at impressive speeds.  Just a few months ago, he didn't feel confident that he could read well.  After many, many books, I think he finally feels like a new door has opened up to him.  We are super proud of him.

This summer, the boys started a small business.  They opened "Brown's Poop Patrol".  Their motto is "We pick up the Brown, up off the ground".  They also pet sit and walk dogs on a limited basis.  I, of course, supervise and provide transportation.  Big Brownie is the CEO and Little Brownie is always looking to hire more poop scoopers.  They made well over $500 together and have enjoyed learning to put money aside for overhead, save money to give to church, save money for a rainy day and have a little spending cash.  They really are growing up too quickly.

A few things about Little Brownie that are note worthy.  His favorite food is a homemade hamburger.  He absolutely loves my homemade breakfast bread...a.k.a. Polish Chocolate Babka.  He now shares a room and bunk beds with Big Brownie and finally decided that the top bunk is pretty cool.  He loves to make sure his hair is smooth.  He gives the absolute best compliments in the world.  He enjoys running...everywhere and he would prefer to be near his older brother at all times if possible.  Art and science are his favorite subjects and he loves to learn new bible verses.  His favorite verse is Hebrews 4:12.

He is still an awesome board game competitor and he loves to watch Uncle Grandpa.  He and his brother have "poot" contests daily.  Some days, someone else may accidentally get "Pootified".   He loves fishing and building with his own set of tools.  We are still working on learning to swim and hope to start back in karate classes.  He is also the best dog training assistant ever.  His favorite dog is Popeye.  Thanks for stopping by this year!

I blogged about his story in 2009, and you can read his birth story here.

With love,
Mama Brown