Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

Do you ever hear a statement and immediately know something is going on? Mine from Big Brownie is..."Oh no!" and for Little Brownie it is, "Uh oh!"

Big Brownie has graduated to pee-pee in the potty like a big boy. He stands on his tippy-toes, points and shoots. He is so proud of himself and we are so proud of him. Well, until I heard, "Oh no!" last night. He had ran into the the last minute mind you. He barely got his pants and underwear down. I could hear pee-pee, but it wasn't a splash in the potty. OH NO is right! It was on the wall, the floor, on the toilet and on the carpet outside of the bathroom. He said, "I'm sorry Mama, I'm just trying to use the bathroom like a BIG BOY!" And then he said, "I'm sorry Mama, it was an accident and accidents happen!" His sweet little face could have melted an ice cap.

Little Brownie is a talking machine. Somethings you can understand him clearly and other things I just nod my head. He came into the kitchen, while I had the fridge open and said, "JUICE!" I told him to say "Please, may I have some juice". He said, "PWWWWEASE I some JUICE!" That was good enough in my book, so I handed him his juice and told him to sit in his chair to drink it. I closed the fridge, and began preparing a snack for them. I hear, "UH OH MAMA, UH OH!" I came around the corner and he is squeezing the juice box onto our new puppy Andy, and the floor and the couch and the carpet! The memory of my mom's voice ran through my head with this know the one, "I can't have anything NICE!" I find myself having more patience than I ever thought I would. Surprisingly, I didn't get upset. I just told Little Brownie that was unacceptable and that he had to sit on the couch for a time out.

Now, time outs are a whole-nother subject altogether. My boys actually enjoy taking a little break to think about what they have done. If you remember a post back several months ago, I introduced the "Green Square" as a tool of discipline. When Big Brownie is being disciplined, he will ask me, "Do I need to sit on the green square?" We also have a brown square, yellow square and orange square too. Because we now have Andy, who loves to jump, lick and play with the Brownies every chance he gets, a kid sitting on the floor just isn't going to happy most days. So, we have reverted to using the couch or the chair in the living room as time out spaces. Still proud to say, we haven't spanked our Brownies. There are days that I will threaten for inappropriate behavior. The words, "If you don't stop, I'll...." come out of my mouth and I usually hesitate because "I'll spank you" would have NO MEANING to them. So, for now, timeouts work well for us.

We have had 2 deaths in our family this past week. Sadly, Daddy Brown's Uncle T past away last Wednesday afternoon after losing his battle with cancer. I also had a great Uncle in North Carolina that also lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday. When explaining a death to Big Brownie, such as Bubba and Sissy, we tell him that they have gone to heaven with Baby Jesus and we will see them again one day. So, as we were getting ready to say our nighttime prayer last week, we got to the part that we usually pray for Uncle T. I told Big Brownie that Uncle T had gone to heaven with Bubba and Sissy and Jesus. He said, "Awww, but I want to see him and he wants to see me. Mama, please tell him you are sorry so he can come see me. I know he wants me!" How sweet is that? I explained, "Uncle T is in heaven now and although I know he wants to see you, he can't. He is no longer with us. But he is playing in heaven with Bubba and Sissy. And he is no longer sick and he is talking to Jesus everyday." He looked at me and said, "Well, ok! Did you tell him you are sorry? It will make him feel all better." What a sweet precious spirit he has. They make me smile and laugh and cry almost everyday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Original Meme by Mama Brown...

So...a few days ago Farmwife over at Memoirs of a Farm Wife posted an Original Meme about house work. I laughed so hard and it has taken me a few days to complete this post with everything that has been going on around here. Here goes...she listed 11 questions to be answered. If you like, play along and post your answers here as a comment or on your own blog.

A Housework Meme Just for You.

  1. Do you have a daily cleaning routine? Well, I'll say this...I have every intention of having a cleaning routine everyday. I try to get a load of dishes done everyday...sometimes with the help of Daddy Brown and I try to complete 2 loads of laundry...most of the time with the help of The Brownies. Aside from that, I have routines I complete each week...change sheets on Mondays, scrub bathrooms, on Tuesday, wipe down toys and clean windows on Wednesday, etc. I like to spread out my cleaning throughout the week and then play the rest of the time with the Brownies and Daddy Brown.
  2. Do you cook on a regular basis? Yes, I feel like I cook all the time. Sometimes that means a big hearty meal and sometimes that means sandwiches and soup. It just depends on the day, sometimes the weather and most importantly, what everyone is up for eating.
  3. Do you wear aprons? No, I wish I could remember to do so. I have ruined many shirts from cooking. I do have several aprons, I just forget to put one on. Thanks to Farmwife, I think I will try to start using one on a regular basis.
  4. Do you make beds on a regular basis? No, not really. Little Brownie has a small blanket and pillow in his crib. I usually throw the blanket over the side of the crib. Big Brownie sleeps with 2 blankets in his bed and they enjoy jumping on his bed throughout the day, so making up his bed would be pointless. As for my bed, unless we are going to have company, I usually roll out of it in the morning and roll back into it at night. We do straighten the blankets and sheets before we get in at night but that is mostly to keep each other from taking to much to their side of the bed.
  5. Not truly a house work question, but it will still fit: What do you call the three meals you eat a day? Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (sometimes I call Dinner, Supper)
  6. How many loads of laundry do you wash in a week? Realistically, I feel like I could do 20 loads a week and I would not get caught up. I would say I accomplish anywhere from 7 to 15 loads a week. The reason, I have two helpers that are here with me 24/7 and they LOVE to do the laundry. I think I re-wash so many clean clothes. The Brownies like to take clothes out of drawers and put them in the laundry baskets or all over their floor. I have a bit of an phobia that needs some therapy...if it hits the ground, in my mind it's dirty, so it gets rewashed...I know I said I needed some therapy...OK, get over it! :)
  7. What is your least favorite chore? Sacking up the trash. I would rather get another trash bag out and start filling it as opposed to sacking up the trash. I have no idea why, but I HATE IT! Daddy Brown helps out with this one most of the time.
  8. What's your favorite chore? Scrubbing the bathroom. I'm totally with Farmwife that there is a certain level of instant gratification that comes with a clean bathroom. The Brownies love to play in the bathroom and since it is a germ and bacteria fiesta with potty training, I try to keep those rooms in good shape.
  9. Do you keep a company ready house (or attempt to) or go for that comfortably lived in look or could you be on your own Hoarding: Buried Alive episode on TLC? I'm in the process of de-cluttering my house, so I've pulled out years and years of junk in preparing for a yard sale. Most other times, we are comfortably lived in. You will rarely enter my house where there aren't toys on the floor, dishes in the sink and counter tops to be wiped down. The Brownies love to play with crayons and thanks to the Magic eraser, I get to wipe down the walls and doors on a weekly basis. I enjoy playing with my boys and try to hit the cleaning front during nap time. That is, if all the Brownies slept well and I myself don't need a nap. And fortunately, what I don't get done today, will be here tomorrow.
  10. I once heard on the radio that 90% of women clean house like their mothers. Do you? Yes, I do. She taught my sisters and I, beginning at a young age, to complete cleaning tasks. I remember her telling us that it needed to be done as if she had cleaned it and she would show us how MANY times. So, it has been ingrained in me the proper way to mop the floor, vacuum and even iron. Oh, I think ironing should probably be my least favorite, but I don't think it qualifies if you NEVER do it right. I take that back, one day last week I felt real domestic. I woke up at 6:30a with Big Brownie and pulled all of Daddy Brown's short sleeve shirts out of the closet and ironed them all. Go figure!
  11. (For the mothers out there) Do you expect your children to help out around the house? To what extent? Yes, I absolutely expect them to help. They are great helpers. They love helping me with the laundry. Little Brownie loves to help unload the dishwasher, but I think that is a ploy sometimes to stand in the dishwasher and be as tall as Big Brownie. Big Brownie is my gopher. I will tell him his is a good helper and that I'm so proud of him. He loves earning praise. He usually replies, "Thanks Mama! I am, I am a big helper!" However, they do not do anything on their own, so if I ask them to put their juice on the table as opposed to the floor, they will comply at that moment, but will need to be reminded in an hour. I give them a little slack since they are only 18 months and almost 3 years old. They have time to put many tasks to memory in the years to come.

So? How about you?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

Please tell me it hasn't already started...what? Big Brownie is my backseat driver. He asked me if he could drive on Monday. I told him he could drive in 14 years. He said that was awesome!

A couple of weeks ago, we came home from Tutu Nani's house and it was dark. Big Brownie usually sits behind me and Little Brownie behind the passengers seat. On this particular night, for whatever reason, I put Big Brownie behind the passenger seat and Little Brownie behind me. Because Big Brownie wasn't used to riding on that side of the car, every mailbox, tree or sign we approached he yelled..."WATCH OUT YOU ARE GOING TO HIT IT MAMA!" This was not funny in the least at the time to me because I was driving at night. I finally had to tell him that he had to be quiet. He complied and we when got home he said, "Whew, we made it home safe."

He has also began to understand the "Rules of the Road". We stop at a stop light and he says, "Mama, why are we stopping?" I explain the stop means stop, green means go. When we approach a stop light or a stop sign now, he helps me by YELLING, "Mama, make sure you stop at the stop sign so we can be safe!" I haven't even ventured to explain the yellow light. I am afraid he'll yell at me..."SLOW DOWN!" Anyway, he keeps me in check for sure of all railroad crossing and school zones.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I think the TLC series "Hoarding, buried alive" is the best show on network television today. If you have a touch of hoarding in your body, like me, you should watch this show. I have began de-cluttering my house in hope of keeping an intervention from being in my future. This is difficult for me though. Every item has a sentiment and/or emotion. I pulled out all the Brownies baby clothes and I look at this shirt or that sweater and it takes me back to the time they wore it. Parting with some of my "stuff" has been difficult, but certainly watching Hoarding has helped. I think de-cluttering is rubbing off on the Brownies. Big Brownie came into the playroom yesterday and said, "Mama, what are you doing?" I said, "Well, I'm going through your toys so we can have a yard sale." He said, "Oh, what is a yard sale?" I said, "Well, we will put our stuff out in the driveway and let others come to see if they can use it and then they will buy it." He looked at me funny and said, "We need to clean up this big mess and then we can have a BIG YARD sale. I want my friends to come and see me and buy all my messy stuff and give me 1 whole dollar."

Little Brownie is getting so big in his britches. He imitates so much of Big Brownies words and actions. I have started trying to give him 2 and 3 action commands for example..."pick up your shoes and take them to the shoe basket" or "take your binkie out of your mouth, go upstairs and put it in your bed". He follows direction surprising well, when he wants too. It amazes me how much he understands and how it clicks. He has been extra cranky with these new teeth as they are cutting through. Lord have mercy, it seems like that child has a tooth ALWAYS cutting. The other day I was having one of those days that I could have crawled into the fetal position and cried. I will frequently make statement like, "You are killin' me" or "Lord have mercy". On this particular day I said, "Help me Jesus" as he was struggling with me to put his diaper on. Later in the day, he and Big Brownie were outside playing and I was doing the dishes. I had the back door and the back window open and was watching them play. All of a sudden, I heard, "HELLLLPPPPP!" I came running as they were fighting over a toy. I made it down the steps to referee the situation. As I approached, I heard Little Brownie exclaim, "HESSUS, HEP ME, HEP ME, HESSUS!" Translation..."Jesus help me, help me Jesus!" At least my mini-prayers to Jesus throughout the day are better for them to exclaim than the occasional curse word that rolls through my head.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Loving the ZOO...

Oh my goodness, could the Good Lord deliver weather any more perfect than the past couple of weeks? I think I specially ordered sunshine, a light breeze and an occasional cloud cover. What a treat for us to get out of the house and enjoy the sun. It helps to have a nice big backyard with many "adventures" waiting for us. The Brownies and I have also ventured out of the house. We have made 2 trips to the big city zoo. The boys LOVE to go to the zoo. Thanks to Tutu Nani for providing us the annual membership.

Our first adventure was with Tutu Nani and the boys were so excited to see the elephants, giraffe, cougars, tigers, panda and the blue macaw. For it being our first trip, they were real troopers. Big Brownie loves to push and pull just about anything. Tutu Nani brought a small suitcase on wheels to pack our essentials. Big Brownie pulled that suitcase through the ENTIRE zoo. We were there for at least 5-6 hours and he did not tire. Little Brownie rode in the stroller as we went from exhibit to exhibit. He fussed a little bit about having to get in and out of the stroller, but as long as Tutu Nani was there, he was just fine. We rode the merry-go-round and had some...oh so yummy dippin' dots. Big Brownie got to pee-pee in the grass because nature called and we were too far from the bathroom. With a smile, the park employee assured me she wouldn't tell and that she didn't see a thing.

This past Friday, we went again. This time, with our friends from down the street. Two of the sweetest girls and their sweet prego mama. She is 35 weeks pregnant and trucked up and down those hills like an athlete. This time around, the Brownies knew what to expect. I borrowed Tutu-Nani's small suitcase, anticipating Big Brownie would ask to pull it. And just like the week before, he pulled that suitcase all over the entire zoo. The kids had a blast and I enjoyed some adult conversation. We had another perfect adventure at the zoo. As we were leaving the zoo, Big Brownie asked to see the blue macaw one last time. As we strolled to them before exiting the zoo, he asked to sing them a song. Once again, he belted out his favorite tune, Hawaiian like me, although I had the pleasure of singing with him. As the patrons walked by, Big Brownie didn't stop singing to the 3 blue macaw. I might have softened my voice just a tad, because we were both a little off key. He told them goodbye and that we would see them again next time. So precious. The Lord has blessed me with a gentle and tender-hearted young man. As we walked though the parking lot to the car, we got within 50 feet of the car and I looked back at Big Brownie. He was struggling to the car with his suitcase. He said, "Mom, I'm too tired, I can't pull it any longer." Well, after 6 hours of pulling that suitcase full of snacks and beverages, I'd be tired too. We got in the car and within 2 minutes, out like a light.

I hope we continue to have some of this wonderful season of Spring. Many more adventures to be had and many more places to explore. Most of these pictures were taken either by my sweet mom or by our sweet friend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can it be a "Say What Thursday"?

We have been so busy with Springtime that it would make your tail spin. Last week, we ventured to see donkey's, mule's and "horseeeee's" (as Little Brownie calls them) at the local annual festival. The boys had a great time. Tutu Nani and Aunt Apple went with us to join in the fun. One mule in particular was very vocal. He let out a huge "HEEE-HAWWW" and the boys jumped up into mine and Tutu Nani's arms. Big Brownie said, "Mama, he is going to get me!" I assured him that he was not. We walked around touched the animals. They had a blast. Before we left, we had the traditional foods of the festival...funnel cake, lemonade and PORK RINDS! Lord have mercy the arteries are clogging up again just thinking about the yummy-ness.

The following day, on a whim, I called Tutu Nani and asked if she wanted to go to the city Zoo. Oh what fun we had. The boys saw two blue Macaw's, giraffes, elephants, red pandas and more. The boys LOVED the merry-go-round and dippin' dots. What fun we had! I'll post some pictures soon! are a few "Say What" moments from the last couple of weeks...

I decided after Big Brownie was just full of himself this past Monday night that I was DONE with the binkie. Makes me most Mom and Dad's have a moment where they are so done with the attitude and whining that they do something drastic to get their attention? Is that how most children lose the "binkie" privilege? So, right before bed and after having one of those days, I pulled the Binkie from Big Brownies mouth and I proceeded to tell him he was a big boy. He looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm not big, I'm little like brother and I need my binkie!" I told him he was a big boy and that big boys don't use binkies. The night didn't proceed well from that point. We read books, we prayed and then we sang songs. As I left the room, I think Big Brownie still thought this was a joke. He asked one more time, "May I have my binkie?" Holding firm, I said, "No, you are a big boy and big boys don't use binkies." Well, let the crying begin. Now, if Big Brownie knew cuss words, he certainly would have exclaimed them in his disagreement. He came out of his room crying and I told him to get back in bed. He went back into his room and sat against his door. As he was crying he yelled, "Mama, doesn't want me! Mama doesn't want to hold me! She doesn't want me to have a binkie! I'll just go up into heaven with Baby Jesus and Bubba and Sissy! They will give me a binkie" After a few more giggles, Daddy Brown went in, sang to him and held him. Fast to sleep they both fell. It has been a struggle, but with exception of 1 weak moment in the car, and another moment that Little Brownie decided to share his binkie with Big Brownie, we have been binkie-free.

Big Brownie loves to leave the house for our outings. If there is somewhere he wants to go, i.e., Tutu Nani or Gran Gran's house, he will tell me this..."Mama, where are we going today?" I usually say something like, "We are not going anywhere today" or "We are going to the store." He will say, "Oh, did you know that Tutu Nani wants me?" or "I haven't seen Gran Gran in a LONG time and I know she wants me." He cracks me up with the things he comes up.

Last week I was making cupcakes for dessert. I asked Daddy Brown to keep everyone out of the kitchen because I'm always worried someone is going to get hurt or burned while I'm cooking supper. Little Brownie was sitting on the couch with Daddy Brown and they were watching one of their new VHS movies from Easter. I started the mixer and it made a really loud sound. Little Brownie jumped up into Daddy Brown's lap, got within an inch of his nose and said, "WHAT DAT SOOOOUUUNNNDDDD?" It was so funny! Daddy Brown couldn't contain himself. Every time I turned it on, "WHAT DAT SOUND!"

Yesterday we ended up having our naps in the car. This presents a certain level or crumpyness when the Brownies wake up. Most of the time I can convince them that playing in the backyard is awesome and they get excited and the crumpyness melts away. Well, this was not really the case yesterday. Once they got out of the car, I tried working my magic. My magic wand was a running low on fairy dust, so I got out the lawn mower. I cranked it up and Little Brownie wasn't sure this was okay. Big Brownie came running and jumped on the floor board. Little Brownie jumped up into my arms and with fists clinched tightly to my shirt, we started slowly down the yard. Little Brownie looked up at me and said, "WHEEEEE!"

So, if you keep up with our family, you know we lost our Sissy girl this past Saturday. Tutu Nani watched the boys for us for the day so we could take Sissy to the vet, bring her home and then have a little bit of grieving time before the boys came home. The boys came home and Tutu had already fed them and it was about bedtime. Of course...NO ONE WANTED TO GO TO BED! Big Brownie wanted to watch a video, Little Brownie wanted to play. Because we are a mostly, "roll-with-it" kinda family, we let them stay up and play. Big Brownie looked around and asked about Sissy. We told him that she was in heaven with Bubba and Baby Jesus. Little Brownie still asks about Sissy every morning when he comes downstairs from bed. He says, "Sissy, where are you?" It's adorable...but i digress. So, as we are trying to round up the troops for bed, Little Brownie is wound up tighter than an ant on a hot tin roof. We told him to head upstairs. We have this riding horse setup in the living room. He has a current infatuation with horses and all things related to a farm. He jumps on the horse and starts bucking like a bronco. Twirling around, bouncing up and down and then begins to yell, "YEE-HAW! YEE-HAW!" Daddy Brown and I couldn't contain the laughter. It was priceless and a good giggle for the end of a tough day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Sissy at rest...

We have had our Bubba and Sissy with us since the 2nd day we moved into our first and current home. We lost our Bubba to brain cancer this past January and today, we lost our Sissy. She is resting peacefully next to her Bubba in the backyard. It has been a difficult 24 hours as she has aggressively deteriorated. Unable to keep her food down, even though she has been on a very bland diet of boiled hamburger and rice for several weeks. She had massive amounts of blood in her stool and she began limping on her back leg last night. She couldn't hardly move as I came into the house last night, barely lifting her head to greet me. Not the way I want to remember my Sissy. My only "daughter" and baby girl per say. Based on her difficulty to move around this morning and throughout last night, we had to make the difficult decision put her to rest.

She has been suffering the affects of her diagnosis back in January of Cushing's Disease. The disease itself doesn't kill an animal, but moreover the side affects they suffer. It's the deterioration and loss of muscle mass, the need to drink immeasurable amounts of water and the organs swell to sizes unrealistic for an animals frame. This was what happen to our Sissy-Boo. Since losing Bubba, we knew that we had a limited amount of time with her. Her little belly was so swollen and we had to restrict her water intake. She has had many moments of revitalization.

Once we got our new puppy Andy, she came back to life. Having a partner again agreed with her. He would play with her and she mothered him. They created a good bond. One of respect and kindness. Sissy never took well to other dogs in her lifetime. She was never socialized before we got her from a Boxer Rescue at the age of 2. We brought her home and on day 2, she growled at Daddy Brown in the backyard. He almost took her back as he was unsure we could keep a dog that showed aggression. Thankfully, I cried and begged for her too stay...and obviously, we made the right decision to be her forever home. Bringing home Andy came with a bit of uncertainty. That was melted away as she showed him his place in the household. She helped to train him. Some good behaviors...and a few bad ones, like begging for food. However, she was impervious to his antics.

Our Sissy Boo was a great companion and an excellent protector. We always called her the watchdog in our household and Bubba was the "cleaner". When we would go outside, Sissy would frequently, "secure the perimeter" and if there was a true threat, Bubba would intercede. She could look really intimidating. Her whole black face and buggy eyes could give anybody the hibby-jibby's. But when we would bring her inside the house, we called her "frail Sissy", because she could look like a whipped dog quicker than any animal I've ever seen. She was not shy of her own vices. She LOVED treats and she loved the trash can. She would walk on burning ashes if asked for a treat. It didn't matter what it dog, vegetable, a piece of fruit. She loved it all. There wasn't a type of food she didn't find indulgence. She had the most endurance of any animal I've ever had. To the very end, when I made supper in the kitchen, she could stand in the middle of the kitchen and wait for supper to be cooked. Constantly surveying the floor for any morsel that might fall. She never tired and never waned.

I knew when she didn't want to enjoy a bowl of popcorn with me last night that the end was near. I slept downstairs on the floor with her last night. I didn't want her to slip away while she was by herself. I needed to be there if she needed me to let her outside, to rub her belly or kiss her head. As we prepared her for her appointment today, Tutu Nani came to pick up the boys. I asked Daddy Brown if we could take her in our family car. I wanted her to ride in the front seat...shotgun one last time. I rolled the window down for her to hang her head out, but her muscles were too weak. Daddy Brown reached around from the back seat to hold her securely. It was her last venture in the car, which she always LOVED to go for rides. As we reached the vet's office, we gave her one last treat, a pork rind. As we were entering the vet's office, her prey drive kicked in as another dog was leaving. Ever the protector. She would have laid down her life for us. She was a great animal and splendid friend. One that will be missed for many years to come. We are thankful that she is now at peace and no longer in pain. She is playing with her life mate, Bubba and having the time of her life! Our Sissy at rest.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A night we will not forget...

So, I missed this weeks "Say What Wednesday" for a reason. It's been a tough couple of days for the family. Daddy Brown's Uncle is in town. He has kidney, bone and lung cancer and is not doing well. He was diagnosed as Stage 4 back 7 months ago or so. He came into town last week to see all of the family, likely for the last time. It has been a difficult week for Gran Gran and Pops and for Daddy Brown, Aunt Fudge and Uncle Spice. Big Brownie loves Uncle T. We pray for him every night. When Big Brownie found out Uncle T was in town, he wanted to know when he was going to see him. Big Brownie was sure that Uncle T wanted to see him. Uncle T has 4 grown children Daddy Brown's age. They all came up for Thanksgiving this past year and the youngest son wore a derby hat. Big Brownie calls him "Cowboy".

Last night, we went to Gran Gran and Pops house to see Uncle T. He was so excited to see Uncle T and Cowboy when we got there. Uncle T is very frail and so we talked to Big Brownie before we got there about being gentle and careful. He gave Uncle T a hug and then I said, "Look, there is Cowboy." He looked and looked, but Cowboy was wearing a ball cap, so he wasn't sure it was really him. He gave him a hug and then it was play time. We had a great time eating wonderful food and enjoying great conversation with everyone. Under the beautiful sky of a clear night and cool breeze, it will be a night we will not forget.

I'll share one more thing from last night that scared me too death. We got home late last night from Gran Gran and Pops house. The boys were too excited to eat at the cookout, so I fixed a quick supper for them and we started to get everyone ready for bed. I took Big and Little Brownie upstairs. Little Brownie is cutting a molar and 1 front bottom tooth and has been just flat out ORNERY the last couple of days. Last night, I decided to give him a dose of Ibuprofen Concentrated Infant drops before bedtime. Little Brownie didn't want to take it, so I put the medicine in the syringe, placed the bottle on the dresser and turn around to catch Little Brownie to dispense. Success. I turned around and Big Brownie had the bottle turned up in his mouth and had gulped the medicine down in one failed swoop.

I knew there was not a lot in the bottle because I had to put the syringe to the side to get a dose, but I didn't know exactly how much was in it. I yelled down to Daddy Brown that we had a situation. He came up and I told him what happened. I rushed downstairs and called our doctors office. Of course, I forgot I don't get to talk to a nurse right away, but the answering service. I explained what my emergency was and I could tell her voice was nervous...which made me more nervous. She said if I hadn't heard from a nurse in 30 minutes to call back. 30 MINUTES...WHAT? Daddy Brown came downstairs and got on the Internet. He found the number for poison control. I dialed quickly as I'm trying to keep it together and not panic. As the lady came on the line, she said, "Thank you for calling Poison Control, please hold." OH MY child could be dying from an overdose of medication and I'm on hold.

I couldn't hold it in, when she came back on the phone, I began to cry as I explained to her what happened. She asked me questions like, "what size bottle, how much does he weigh, how old is he and approximately how much do I think he ingested?" I said, "1 oz bottle, about 30-35 pounds, 34 months and 1/4 of the bottle or less". By this time, I'm almost hysterically crying. She told me, "Stay calm...Ibuprofen is one of the safest medications and that he would have had to ingest more than a full bottle for there to be concern. He would likely have an upset belly and to give him a snack or some milk to help settle his stomach." As I was on the phone with her, the nurse called back and Daddy Brown talked to her. Her advise was to call the poison control and that they always defer to them as the experts in situations like this. So thankful we had a favorable outcome. After I got off the phone, I just broke down. I cried and cried and could still cry at this moment. My carelessness could have had a serious affect on my baby. Big Brownie won a golden ticket to sleep with us last night. I have never been more happy to hear him snore. Every time he slept quietly, I woke up and watched him sleep.

I never in a million years would have thought to tell Big Brownie to leave the bottle alone on the dresser. That one statement that was missed, could have kept the whole situation from happening. I forget that he is only 2, almost 3 years old and that he is a growing, inquisitive little munchkin. I forget the pharmaceutical companies flavor medication for a reason, so that kids will enjoy the taste. I forget that I used to sneak out of my bed when I was a little kid and eat baby Bayer aspirin by the handfuls because it tasted so good. In doing so, not realizing that it could have done harm to myself. The reason I share this is...don't let your guard down. Be diligent with your babies and learn from my mistake. Oh was a night we will not forget!

Monday, April 5, 2010

He has RISEN Indeed!

What a great Easter holiday weekend we had. It doesn't get much better than coming together to celebrate the Lord resurrection over good food, good weather, good conversation and awesome family and friends. Aunt Fudge and I had decided to make a Hill of Calvary for Easter Sunday. I was not sure mine was going to turn out, but I think it was perfect.

I had great expectation of making a Faith Cake for dessert on Easter Sunday. Once I surveyed my time Saturday night at 8:30p, I decided on a new strategy. I decided to make cake pops. I planned to use a styrofoam wreath covered in fresh flowers. I woke up early on Easter morning and began assembling my cake pops. They are much harder than I anticipated. After about 2 hours, 1 broke styrofoam wreath and a little desperation...I decided my Hill of Calvary would be handy. It served as my back drop for my dessert for Easter at Aunt Fudge's house. As I stepped back and looked at my dessert...I was pleased. I regrouped and repaired my styrofoam wreath, added fresh flowers from my yard, and it too looked great. Although I didn't get a picture before we left as we were rushing out the door. I think my Mom got a couple of great pictures with my Grandmother.

We have talked and talked and talked about Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. Big Brownie called our Hill of Calvary..."Jesus' dirt". It was so cute as we watered it each morning, I would talk to him about Jesus and how he died on the cross for him. As we watered, he would ask, "You mean Jesus...that is up in heaven with Bubba?" I told him about the tomb that Jesus was buried in. He said, "Oh wow Mom, they put Jesus in a big, dark cave? Was it cold? Was he alone?" I told him, "Yes, it was dark, but that he had died and so he could not feel that it was cold. And that most definitely, he was not alone. Just as we are NEVER alone. That we always have Jesus inside of our hearts." He looked up at me and said, "Jesus is in my heart and I love him. Please tell Jesus to come here so I can give him a BIG hug." I told him, "Jesus is always with us in our heart and that if he closed his eyes real tight, he could give Jesus a big hug." It's so precious the associations he makes as he gets older and how he processes our conversations.

We had a wonderful time at Aunt Fudge's house. The food was impeccable. We missed our Gran Gran and Pops as they were visiting with family in from out of town. We continue to pray for our Gran Gran and Pops in this time and for our Uncle as he is likely in his final days. We headed to Mammy and Aunt Basil's house next and the boys were so excited to go to "another party". We visited, ate fabulous food and enjoyed being with each other. It was a blessed day with perfect weather. Yes indeed, he has RISEN!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It was a GREAT Friday...

Yesterday we had a blast of a day. We woke early in anticipation of another great Easter party. Thanks to our friend for hosting a great day of friends, yummy food and, of course, the egg hunt. The boys and all the other munchkins had a great time. You could see it on their faces as they looked into their basket of treasures. (Notice my two are the ones with the basket on their heads)

After visiting with our friends, we spent a little extra time at Aunt Fudge's house. The Brownies played with Peanut Butter Fudge and his awesome toys. It's always fun to play with new toys at someone else house. They didn't want to leave. We were pushing naptime...BIG TIME and by 3 o'clock, they were feeling it. We left Aunt Fudge's house and were homebound. We came in, had a quick bite to eat and off for naps. Little Brownie didn't nap well. He woke up many times and finally, I just went and got him up. However, Big Brownie had to be woke up at 7p. This was a dangerous scenario. Big Brownie can stay up FOREVER it seems at night. But, like most other days, we just roll with it.

It was my hopes in honor of Good Friday, to go out with the boys and perform several "Acts of Random Kindness". I want to make sure we fit in some activities that aren't specifically related to "The Easter Bunny" and egg hunts. My thought was that we could teach the Brownies about being kind and giving to others as Jesus gave his life for us. No, it doesn't compare to the gift he gave us. Selflessly dying on the cross for our sins and thereby saving us in the process. Don't give me all the credit for thinking up this idea. I found a blog last week whereby the author performed 38 random acts of kindness in celebration of her birthday. I thought that was awesome. And what better way to spread the good news than to help others by giving unexpectantly.

Well, because of our really late naps, my afternoon plans for kindness lost a little bit of its luster. However, we did manage a few before the day concluded. We took cupcakes to our special mentally handicapped neighbors next door. We bought a $10 gift card at Target and found a family with 4 children to give it to as they were checking out. And finally, we fed a family at Burger King dinner as they were passing through town. Not exactly the big afternoon I had originally planned, but still, we were out and about trying to spread the good news of the holiday season. Hopefully sharing with others and giving to others will make a mark on our Brownies. I hope to make this a tradition every year on Good Friday. "Random Acts of Kindness" can be done each day, not just on special days. It was not just a GOOD was a GREAT FRIDAY!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April didn't "Fool"...

What a beautiful day to be out enjoying the sunshine with The Brownies and Tutu Nani. Tutu runs in the day care circles with her job, so we were kindly invited to participate in an Easter egg hunt with some of the local in-home family daycare's at the park. There were games, that we missed because we were running usual. But we did make it for the most important part of the day...the hunt.

Tutu Nani came prepared with rations of powdered donuts and Capri-Sun beverages. Little Brownie loved the treats. However, Big Brownie was anxious to get down to business...hunt for eggs and then he wanted to see the Easter Bunny. Daddy Brown and I don't have a particular aversion to the Easter Bunny. We as kids always grew up with coloring eggs, Easter baskets and of course...the Bunny. I believe it's what you teach your children about Easter and it's true meaning. All the fun stuff is just stuff. Once all the eggs had been hidden and the kids were all lined up, I took Little Brownie with me and Tutu Nani took Big Brownie with her. The little ones had such a great time finding the eggs and placing them in their baskets. I had to explain to Little Brownie that we were only searching for the eggs on the ground, not eggs in other kids baskets.

Once the hunt had concluded, the boys sat at the top of the hill to investigate their treasures. They found chocolate and skittles. "Yummmm"...said Little Brownie. Then, out came the Easter Bunny. Well, most every other year, we have just seen the bunny at the mall. This was the first year the bunny was walking and shaking hands with the other children. Big Brownie was excited until we got within 3 feet of him and then he didn't want to have anything to do with the Bunny. Little Brownie did his own research, he looked, he listened and he also decided this Bunny was NOT COOL! So, this is as close as they would get and they absolutely had to be in somebody's arms of protection before they would get this close.

We had a great time. After the Bunny left, Big Brownie kept asking, "Where did the Bunny go? I want to go see him again." Based on his previous reaction, I'm not too sure he REALLY wanted to see the Bunny again, but nevertheless, I explained that the Bunny had to go eat carrots and take a nap. We played at the park for about another hour and then we had lunch and now everyone is napping well. It has been a beautiful day for the first of April. One that is usually held for pranks, but April didn't "Fool" anybody today!