Monday, April 26, 2010

Original Meme by Mama Brown...

So...a few days ago Farmwife over at Memoirs of a Farm Wife posted an Original Meme about house work. I laughed so hard and it has taken me a few days to complete this post with everything that has been going on around here. Here goes...she listed 11 questions to be answered. If you like, play along and post your answers here as a comment or on your own blog.

A Housework Meme Just for You.

  1. Do you have a daily cleaning routine? Well, I'll say this...I have every intention of having a cleaning routine everyday. I try to get a load of dishes done everyday...sometimes with the help of Daddy Brown and I try to complete 2 loads of laundry...most of the time with the help of The Brownies. Aside from that, I have routines I complete each week...change sheets on Mondays, scrub bathrooms, on Tuesday, wipe down toys and clean windows on Wednesday, etc. I like to spread out my cleaning throughout the week and then play the rest of the time with the Brownies and Daddy Brown.
  2. Do you cook on a regular basis? Yes, I feel like I cook all the time. Sometimes that means a big hearty meal and sometimes that means sandwiches and soup. It just depends on the day, sometimes the weather and most importantly, what everyone is up for eating.
  3. Do you wear aprons? No, I wish I could remember to do so. I have ruined many shirts from cooking. I do have several aprons, I just forget to put one on. Thanks to Farmwife, I think I will try to start using one on a regular basis.
  4. Do you make beds on a regular basis? No, not really. Little Brownie has a small blanket and pillow in his crib. I usually throw the blanket over the side of the crib. Big Brownie sleeps with 2 blankets in his bed and they enjoy jumping on his bed throughout the day, so making up his bed would be pointless. As for my bed, unless we are going to have company, I usually roll out of it in the morning and roll back into it at night. We do straighten the blankets and sheets before we get in at night but that is mostly to keep each other from taking to much to their side of the bed.
  5. Not truly a house work question, but it will still fit: What do you call the three meals you eat a day? Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (sometimes I call Dinner, Supper)
  6. How many loads of laundry do you wash in a week? Realistically, I feel like I could do 20 loads a week and I would not get caught up. I would say I accomplish anywhere from 7 to 15 loads a week. The reason, I have two helpers that are here with me 24/7 and they LOVE to do the laundry. I think I re-wash so many clean clothes. The Brownies like to take clothes out of drawers and put them in the laundry baskets or all over their floor. I have a bit of an phobia that needs some therapy...if it hits the ground, in my mind it's dirty, so it gets rewashed...I know I said I needed some therapy...OK, get over it! :)
  7. What is your least favorite chore? Sacking up the trash. I would rather get another trash bag out and start filling it as opposed to sacking up the trash. I have no idea why, but I HATE IT! Daddy Brown helps out with this one most of the time.
  8. What's your favorite chore? Scrubbing the bathroom. I'm totally with Farmwife that there is a certain level of instant gratification that comes with a clean bathroom. The Brownies love to play in the bathroom and since it is a germ and bacteria fiesta with potty training, I try to keep those rooms in good shape.
  9. Do you keep a company ready house (or attempt to) or go for that comfortably lived in look or could you be on your own Hoarding: Buried Alive episode on TLC? I'm in the process of de-cluttering my house, so I've pulled out years and years of junk in preparing for a yard sale. Most other times, we are comfortably lived in. You will rarely enter my house where there aren't toys on the floor, dishes in the sink and counter tops to be wiped down. The Brownies love to play with crayons and thanks to the Magic eraser, I get to wipe down the walls and doors on a weekly basis. I enjoy playing with my boys and try to hit the cleaning front during nap time. That is, if all the Brownies slept well and I myself don't need a nap. And fortunately, what I don't get done today, will be here tomorrow.
  10. I once heard on the radio that 90% of women clean house like their mothers. Do you? Yes, I do. She taught my sisters and I, beginning at a young age, to complete cleaning tasks. I remember her telling us that it needed to be done as if she had cleaned it and she would show us how MANY times. So, it has been ingrained in me the proper way to mop the floor, vacuum and even iron. Oh, I think ironing should probably be my least favorite, but I don't think it qualifies if you NEVER do it right. I take that back, one day last week I felt real domestic. I woke up at 6:30a with Big Brownie and pulled all of Daddy Brown's short sleeve shirts out of the closet and ironed them all. Go figure!
  11. (For the mothers out there) Do you expect your children to help out around the house? To what extent? Yes, I absolutely expect them to help. They are great helpers. They love helping me with the laundry. Little Brownie loves to help unload the dishwasher, but I think that is a ploy sometimes to stand in the dishwasher and be as tall as Big Brownie. Big Brownie is my gopher. I will tell him his is a good helper and that I'm so proud of him. He loves earning praise. He usually replies, "Thanks Mama! I am, I am a big helper!" However, they do not do anything on their own, so if I ask them to put their juice on the table as opposed to the floor, they will comply at that moment, but will need to be reminded in an hour. I give them a little slack since they are only 18 months and almost 3 years old. They have time to put many tasks to memory in the years to come.

So? How about you?

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