Thursday, April 1, 2010

April didn't "Fool"...

What a beautiful day to be out enjoying the sunshine with The Brownies and Tutu Nani. Tutu runs in the day care circles with her job, so we were kindly invited to participate in an Easter egg hunt with some of the local in-home family daycare's at the park. There were games, that we missed because we were running usual. But we did make it for the most important part of the day...the hunt.

Tutu Nani came prepared with rations of powdered donuts and Capri-Sun beverages. Little Brownie loved the treats. However, Big Brownie was anxious to get down to business...hunt for eggs and then he wanted to see the Easter Bunny. Daddy Brown and I don't have a particular aversion to the Easter Bunny. We as kids always grew up with coloring eggs, Easter baskets and of course...the Bunny. I believe it's what you teach your children about Easter and it's true meaning. All the fun stuff is just stuff. Once all the eggs had been hidden and the kids were all lined up, I took Little Brownie with me and Tutu Nani took Big Brownie with her. The little ones had such a great time finding the eggs and placing them in their baskets. I had to explain to Little Brownie that we were only searching for the eggs on the ground, not eggs in other kids baskets.

Once the hunt had concluded, the boys sat at the top of the hill to investigate their treasures. They found chocolate and skittles. "Yummmm"...said Little Brownie. Then, out came the Easter Bunny. Well, most every other year, we have just seen the bunny at the mall. This was the first year the bunny was walking and shaking hands with the other children. Big Brownie was excited until we got within 3 feet of him and then he didn't want to have anything to do with the Bunny. Little Brownie did his own research, he looked, he listened and he also decided this Bunny was NOT COOL! So, this is as close as they would get and they absolutely had to be in somebody's arms of protection before they would get this close.

We had a great time. After the Bunny left, Big Brownie kept asking, "Where did the Bunny go? I want to go see him again." Based on his previous reaction, I'm not too sure he REALLY wanted to see the Bunny again, but nevertheless, I explained that the Bunny had to go eat carrots and take a nap. We played at the park for about another hour and then we had lunch and now everyone is napping well. It has been a beautiful day for the first of April. One that is usually held for pranks, but April didn't "Fool" anybody today!

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