Friday, April 2, 2010

It was a GREAT Friday...

Yesterday we had a blast of a day. We woke early in anticipation of another great Easter party. Thanks to our friend for hosting a great day of friends, yummy food and, of course, the egg hunt. The boys and all the other munchkins had a great time. You could see it on their faces as they looked into their basket of treasures. (Notice my two are the ones with the basket on their heads)

After visiting with our friends, we spent a little extra time at Aunt Fudge's house. The Brownies played with Peanut Butter Fudge and his awesome toys. It's always fun to play with new toys at someone else house. They didn't want to leave. We were pushing naptime...BIG TIME and by 3 o'clock, they were feeling it. We left Aunt Fudge's house and were homebound. We came in, had a quick bite to eat and off for naps. Little Brownie didn't nap well. He woke up many times and finally, I just went and got him up. However, Big Brownie had to be woke up at 7p. This was a dangerous scenario. Big Brownie can stay up FOREVER it seems at night. But, like most other days, we just roll with it.

It was my hopes in honor of Good Friday, to go out with the boys and perform several "Acts of Random Kindness". I want to make sure we fit in some activities that aren't specifically related to "The Easter Bunny" and egg hunts. My thought was that we could teach the Brownies about being kind and giving to others as Jesus gave his life for us. No, it doesn't compare to the gift he gave us. Selflessly dying on the cross for our sins and thereby saving us in the process. Don't give me all the credit for thinking up this idea. I found a blog last week whereby the author performed 38 random acts of kindness in celebration of her birthday. I thought that was awesome. And what better way to spread the good news than to help others by giving unexpectantly.

Well, because of our really late naps, my afternoon plans for kindness lost a little bit of its luster. However, we did manage a few before the day concluded. We took cupcakes to our special mentally handicapped neighbors next door. We bought a $10 gift card at Target and found a family with 4 children to give it to as they were checking out. And finally, we fed a family at Burger King dinner as they were passing through town. Not exactly the big afternoon I had originally planned, but still, we were out and about trying to spread the good news of the holiday season. Hopefully sharing with others and giving to others will make a mark on our Brownies. I hope to make this a tradition every year on Good Friday. "Random Acts of Kindness" can be done each day, not just on special days. It was not just a GOOD was a GREAT FRIDAY!


almost five said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me! So sorry we missed that fun egg hunt, for sure. We must get together when we're back in town!! Miss you!

Sophie said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the boys with the "basket" hats!
Aunt Fudge

MixMingleGlow said...

LOVE the idea of doing Random Acts of Kindness on Good Friday! What a perfect time, indeed! It's not how many RAOK you actually did, it's that you are teaching your sweet babies the importance of having a servant's heart! I am honored to have played a small part in the inception of such an awesome new family tradition! :) Thanks for sharing my link.