Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

Do you ever hear a statement and immediately know something is going on? Mine from Big Brownie is..."Oh no!" and for Little Brownie it is, "Uh oh!"

Big Brownie has graduated to pee-pee in the potty like a big boy. He stands on his tippy-toes, points and shoots. He is so proud of himself and we are so proud of him. Well, until I heard, "Oh no!" last night. He had ran into the the last minute mind you. He barely got his pants and underwear down. I could hear pee-pee, but it wasn't a splash in the potty. OH NO is right! It was on the wall, the floor, on the toilet and on the carpet outside of the bathroom. He said, "I'm sorry Mama, I'm just trying to use the bathroom like a BIG BOY!" And then he said, "I'm sorry Mama, it was an accident and accidents happen!" His sweet little face could have melted an ice cap.

Little Brownie is a talking machine. Somethings you can understand him clearly and other things I just nod my head. He came into the kitchen, while I had the fridge open and said, "JUICE!" I told him to say "Please, may I have some juice". He said, "PWWWWEASE I some JUICE!" That was good enough in my book, so I handed him his juice and told him to sit in his chair to drink it. I closed the fridge, and began preparing a snack for them. I hear, "UH OH MAMA, UH OH!" I came around the corner and he is squeezing the juice box onto our new puppy Andy, and the floor and the couch and the carpet! The memory of my mom's voice ran through my head with this know the one, "I can't have anything NICE!" I find myself having more patience than I ever thought I would. Surprisingly, I didn't get upset. I just told Little Brownie that was unacceptable and that he had to sit on the couch for a time out.

Now, time outs are a whole-nother subject altogether. My boys actually enjoy taking a little break to think about what they have done. If you remember a post back several months ago, I introduced the "Green Square" as a tool of discipline. When Big Brownie is being disciplined, he will ask me, "Do I need to sit on the green square?" We also have a brown square, yellow square and orange square too. Because we now have Andy, who loves to jump, lick and play with the Brownies every chance he gets, a kid sitting on the floor just isn't going to happy most days. So, we have reverted to using the couch or the chair in the living room as time out spaces. Still proud to say, we haven't spanked our Brownies. There are days that I will threaten for inappropriate behavior. The words, "If you don't stop, I'll...." come out of my mouth and I usually hesitate because "I'll spank you" would have NO MEANING to them. So, for now, timeouts work well for us.

We have had 2 deaths in our family this past week. Sadly, Daddy Brown's Uncle T past away last Wednesday afternoon after losing his battle with cancer. I also had a great Uncle in North Carolina that also lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday. When explaining a death to Big Brownie, such as Bubba and Sissy, we tell him that they have gone to heaven with Baby Jesus and we will see them again one day. So, as we were getting ready to say our nighttime prayer last week, we got to the part that we usually pray for Uncle T. I told Big Brownie that Uncle T had gone to heaven with Bubba and Sissy and Jesus. He said, "Awww, but I want to see him and he wants to see me. Mama, please tell him you are sorry so he can come see me. I know he wants me!" How sweet is that? I explained, "Uncle T is in heaven now and although I know he wants to see you, he can't. He is no longer with us. But he is playing in heaven with Bubba and Sissy. And he is no longer sick and he is talking to Jesus everyday." He looked at me and said, "Well, ok! Did you tell him you are sorry? It will make him feel all better." What a sweet precious spirit he has. They make me smile and laugh and cry almost everyday.

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