Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Sissy at rest...

We have had our Bubba and Sissy with us since the 2nd day we moved into our first and current home. We lost our Bubba to brain cancer this past January and today, we lost our Sissy. She is resting peacefully next to her Bubba in the backyard. It has been a difficult 24 hours as she has aggressively deteriorated. Unable to keep her food down, even though she has been on a very bland diet of boiled hamburger and rice for several weeks. She had massive amounts of blood in her stool and she began limping on her back leg last night. She couldn't hardly move as I came into the house last night, barely lifting her head to greet me. Not the way I want to remember my Sissy. My only "daughter" and baby girl per say. Based on her difficulty to move around this morning and throughout last night, we had to make the difficult decision put her to rest.

She has been suffering the affects of her diagnosis back in January of Cushing's Disease. The disease itself doesn't kill an animal, but moreover the side affects they suffer. It's the deterioration and loss of muscle mass, the need to drink immeasurable amounts of water and the organs swell to sizes unrealistic for an animals frame. This was what happen to our Sissy-Boo. Since losing Bubba, we knew that we had a limited amount of time with her. Her little belly was so swollen and we had to restrict her water intake. She has had many moments of revitalization.

Once we got our new puppy Andy, she came back to life. Having a partner again agreed with her. He would play with her and she mothered him. They created a good bond. One of respect and kindness. Sissy never took well to other dogs in her lifetime. She was never socialized before we got her from a Boxer Rescue at the age of 2. We brought her home and on day 2, she growled at Daddy Brown in the backyard. He almost took her back as he was unsure we could keep a dog that showed aggression. Thankfully, I cried and begged for her too stay...and obviously, we made the right decision to be her forever home. Bringing home Andy came with a bit of uncertainty. That was melted away as she showed him his place in the household. She helped to train him. Some good behaviors...and a few bad ones, like begging for food. However, she was impervious to his antics.

Our Sissy Boo was a great companion and an excellent protector. We always called her the watchdog in our household and Bubba was the "cleaner". When we would go outside, Sissy would frequently, "secure the perimeter" and if there was a true threat, Bubba would intercede. She could look really intimidating. Her whole black face and buggy eyes could give anybody the hibby-jibby's. But when we would bring her inside the house, we called her "frail Sissy", because she could look like a whipped dog quicker than any animal I've ever seen. She was not shy of her own vices. She LOVED treats and she loved the trash can. She would walk on burning ashes if asked for a treat. It didn't matter what it dog, vegetable, a piece of fruit. She loved it all. There wasn't a type of food she didn't find indulgence. She had the most endurance of any animal I've ever had. To the very end, when I made supper in the kitchen, she could stand in the middle of the kitchen and wait for supper to be cooked. Constantly surveying the floor for any morsel that might fall. She never tired and never waned.

I knew when she didn't want to enjoy a bowl of popcorn with me last night that the end was near. I slept downstairs on the floor with her last night. I didn't want her to slip away while she was by herself. I needed to be there if she needed me to let her outside, to rub her belly or kiss her head. As we prepared her for her appointment today, Tutu Nani came to pick up the boys. I asked Daddy Brown if we could take her in our family car. I wanted her to ride in the front seat...shotgun one last time. I rolled the window down for her to hang her head out, but her muscles were too weak. Daddy Brown reached around from the back seat to hold her securely. It was her last venture in the car, which she always LOVED to go for rides. As we reached the vet's office, we gave her one last treat, a pork rind. As we were entering the vet's office, her prey drive kicked in as another dog was leaving. Ever the protector. She would have laid down her life for us. She was a great animal and splendid friend. One that will be missed for many years to come. We are thankful that she is now at peace and no longer in pain. She is playing with her life mate, Bubba and having the time of her life! Our Sissy at rest.

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I love your pics of sissy!

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