Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can I get a "Choo-Choo"...

For about 2 weeks now, we have been everything "Thomas the Train" that we can see, hear, play and wear. Last weekend, we rode on a train car in the big city that Thomas was pulling. Tutu Nani joined us for our big adventure. I can say that the boys have not stopped talking about the trip and I've officially learned just about all the accompanying train car's names as well. Aside from our favorite...Thomas, we also LOVE Percy. In fact, there may be an all out brawl in the floor over Percy. What it is about that little green train, I haven't a clue. Maybe it's the fact that even though we have 3 "Percy" train cars, we usually can only scare up 1 at a time. Or maybe it is the fact that he is green? Or MAYBE it is the fact that Percy seems to be Big Brownie's favorite and Little Brownie has picked up on this invaluable piece of information.

We have also enjoyed some much needed down-time and family time. I had a birthday last week and I'm officially as old as Daddy Brown...again, for the 34th time. We started the day with "Blue" Blueberry pancakes, "Green" eggs, "Yellow" bananas and "Orange" juice. The boys sang to me over and over all day long. We visited with my grandmother as she was recovering from cataract surgery and ended the day with Daddy Brown splurging with a grilled steak and potato dinner cooked lovingly over the charcoal grill. I even got to sneak away to Target...BY MYSELF! Which is about the best present one can receive these days. We enjoyed birthday candles, cake and ice cream. It was the best number 34 birthday I could have imagined.

Big Brownie is still LOVING Mother's Day Out and for the first time since he has been attending, he didn't cry for me before rest time. Praise Be! My boy is growing up. Ever the protector and ever the kind soul that he is. He always seems to know the right words to say at the exact moment I need to hear them. Today for example, there was an incident in the living room. Little Brownie poured his grape juice on the carpet...on purpose. To keep from exploding a world of discipline, I took a deep breathe, place Little Brownie in time-out and retrieved a towel to clean the mess. While steam is bellowing from my ears and all I can think about is..."Well, I'm gonna get to clean the carpets again tonight at midnight..." Big Brownie looks up at me and says, "Mama, don't be upset, I will help you clean it up." And then he proceeds to say as he hands me my cell phone, "Mama, I need to make a phone call. I need to call my dad and tell him we need a new house." Just exactly the smile that I needed.

Of course, Little Brownie is good for some true loving. We were sitting on the couch this morning reading a book and he says, "Mommy, I hode you?" I reach around to scoop him in my arms and he reaches up and wraps those sweet arms around my neck. He looks right into my eyes and says, "I wub you Mommy!" I love it when I ask him for a kiss, he pulls my head to his and plants a "Big Kips" on my lips. I'll hear him trip upstairs and I will call out, "Are you okay?" He responds, "I otay!" I can't believe he is going to be 2 year old in just a few weeks. My oh my, how time truly does fly.

So for now, I'm loving every minute of every day that I get to spend with my babies. Each day sometimes seems to be a repeat of the day before. Reading tons of books, praying over meals and snacks, playing with our toys and trains. And playing with our trains and playing with our trains and oh, how about, playing with our trains. We love to sing our favorite little jingle, (I think from Disney's Chuggington show, but I'm not 100% sure...

"Chugga-Chugga Chugga-Chugga...Choo-Choo
Chugga-Chugga Chugga-Chugga...Choo-Choo
That's how we play the train game."

For now, I'm soaking it all in. Loving on my boys, praying with and over my boys and us all praying over their trains.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Falling Forward...but reflecting back

If you know me, you know that FALL is by far my absolute, unequivocal, without a shadow of a doubt favorite season of the year. I love the smell of the crisp, cool air. I love the change of everything green, to crimson, gold and terra-cotta. I love the early dark sky and I love the cooler weather. I enjoy pulling out my big sweatshirts and warm sweaters. I love for Daddy Brown to stoke up a bonfire in the backyard to roast just about anything you can put on a stick. I love being a little chilly in the bed and snuggling up tight with the one I love. Yes, everything Fall is what I dream about all year round. As we are getting close to the favorite time of year, I took pause this morning to reflect upon a whole years worth of memories that have been documented. There have been 105 posts since I started this journey 364 days ago. I've used this forum to share my heart, my love, my boys and so much more. I looked back over the 105 posts and have giggled and laughed. I've cried and re-lived some pretty awesome moments. Moments that if left to my half-awake, limping brain these days, may have falling to the pits of forgetfulness.

I picked out a few that are my favorites. I'll add a few more recent pictures and I'll continue to be amazed on what a wondrous adventure we rise to every single day. I'll remember that my Brownies aren't babies any more, but young toddlers with eyes of exploration and minds of little sponges. I'll remember that what actions they see in me, they will likely emulate. I'll be reminded that each day can seem like an eternity, but each week, month and year, seem to be at lightening speed. I'll be reminded that each and every minute is a blessing in so many ways. Each day that seems like a trial of wills or meeting of the minds, is one more day that has been given to me not in vain. Each sleepless night of holding a Brownie is one more night of feeling their love and touch. Each unsolicited, "Mommy, I love you" gives me a closeness to them that is immeasurable. We have enjoyed every single minute of Summer and look forward to some cooler weather and beautiful, natural colors only God could produce. I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about our lives over the past year and I hope you will come back to share in our lives as we continue on our journey of life. With love...~Mama Brown.

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