Friday, February 19, 2010

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Having been cooped up in the house for several weeks, it was so nice to see the sun streaming through the windows this morning. We ate our breakfast, changed our clothes and opened the back door to find out what adventure was in store for us today. Big Brownie asked if we were going to watch Charlie Brown outside. I really can't believe he remembered our Fall outdoor movie back in November...but he did. I told him it was too bright outside to watch a movie. He was happy with that explanation. I have been wanting the Brownies to use their outside toys from Christmas OUTSIDE, so we brought our 3 cars, 1 fire engine and our t-ball set to the yard. As we ran and jumped, hit balls and dug holes, Big Brownie asked if we could ride on the cars. I took all the riding toys to the driveway and we began to ride around, running and pushing the cars with glee.

Then...the great escape. Little Brownie took off running down the side easement of our property. I told Big Brownie to follow him. Off we went to see what else we could find, and to the back of the field we ventured. We saw red birds, blue birds and robins. We saw a bee and a dragonfly. We dug in the dirt and found a worm. The Brownies didn't know what to do with this new found exploration. We took off through the field and found a huge brush pile with sticks and logs. We found moss on trees and cut hay on the ground. We found mole holes that we stomped and hills that we ran up and down.

Through the field we went to the horse farm down the road. And guess what, the horses were out and feeding near by. The Brownies ran to the fence and looked through with amazement and ease. They began to talk to and point at the horses, making sure that not only each other could see, but that I was also as excited as they were to see these beauties. I decided to take the road back to the house. I was definitely on pins and needles as we do have a little more traffic up and down our street these days. As soon as I'd hear a car, I would yank Little Brownie up in my arms and run to grab Big Brownies hand. All the while trying to explain that cars are nice to ride in, but can be very dangerous if we are not careful on the road. Big Brownie got the point right away and if I said, "Car", he'd run and grab my hand. Little Brownie on the other hand, just got really upset every time I picked him up. He wanted to look for and pick up rocks to throw. We threw rocks, dirt and leaves. It was my mission to find rocks for Little Brownie going in the direction of home. This was the only way to keep them moving in the right direction. I finally gave in and we ventured back the way we came through the field.

On the way back, we noticed a bird house on a fence. The Brownies got so excited to know that there were actual birds in the house. One flew out and they cheered! On our journey back, we crossed over a ditch. The Brownies could not resist the urge to stop and pick up more rocks, more dirt and sticks. I finally convinced them they might be hungry and thirsty and that we needed to head home. Once we got home, the Brownies played on the slides as I prepared a quick lunch. I set up our outdoor table under the leaf bare tree and brought out our lunch. They loved it. Chomping away on hot dogs, chips and bananas. However, the excitement of being outdoors overcame the feeling of hunger. They both ate just enough to satisfy the desire to eat and it was back to playing.

We went back to the driveway to play with our cars. Big Brownie looked up at the sky as a hawk was flying over head. He said, "Look Mama an eagle!" I told him to reach his arms out to the side and soar like an eagle. Before long, Little Brownie followed behind and we were all soaring like birds through the front yard. I can only imagine what people passing by must have thought. It was really cute. I convinced the boys it was time to come inside, and now, everyone is down for their naps and sound asleep. We have been craving the outdoors. Being so cold and snowy, it hasn't been worth it to get outside much. But on days like today, days that are truly blessing from the Lord, we can reach out our arms and soar like eagles. Oh yes, this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made! Get out and enjoy it!

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almost five said...

Hasn't this weather been SUCH a blessing?

Speaking of which, I LOVE these pics. Beautiful shots of some extra special boys.