Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Heart...

It is Valentine's Day and I've been in the mood for loving on my boys. Par for my course lately, Little Brownie was up from 1:45a to 5:57a last night. After I finally fell asleep at 5:58a, I was awakened by Big Brownie entering our room and up into our bed at 6:03a. Exhausted, I just rolled over and we all slept in until 9:30a. Up from the bed we jumped wishing each other "Happy Valentine's Day". I woke Little Brownie up from his slumber party crash at 9:45a. We all came downstairs and we made some Valentine's Day Monkey Bread for breakfast with a side of sprinkles, sausage and biscuits and grapes. We all enjoyed our special holiday breakfast. Sissy got to eat our leftovers and we have just enjoyed being with each other all day.

Daddy Brown and I will celebrate our 12th year of marriage this year and with that, we have shared 16 Valentine Day's together. There really aren't enough words in the universe to express how much I love Daddy Brown, my Big Brownie, my Little Brownie, my Sissy and my whole family. Make sure you love on the ones you care for and the ones that love on you. Make sure to tell your friends and family how much you love them every chance you get. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to say the words. Just say them often and say it with meaning behind it...I Heart You!

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