Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rules of Life...

Several months ago, I divulged several unknown facts about myself. One of my little secrets is that I LOVE the Nick Jr. preschool show...Olivia. It is a great little treat that I enjoy during the boys nap-time. Olivia is the main character and is a pig. She always states the "Rules of Life" on her show. A friend and fellow blogger, Farmwife, started quoting a few of Olivia's "Rules of Life" and it just cracked me up. So, I thought I would share some of Olivia's famous quotes with you.

Rule of Life #:
  • 3. If you have to sit next to a little brother eating spaghetti you'd better wear a rain coat.
  • 4. If you really want to hide your baby brother, change his diaper first.
  • 5. Not everyone looks good in red, especially when you're pink.
  • 15. If your little brother eats like a wild animal, it doesn't mean he is.
  • 21. Little brothers don't know anything about being a mommy.
  • 24. If you have a pet that never ever ever moves, watch out cuz one day he will.
  • 28. I know this is hard to believe, but more of something isn't always better.
  • 31. Most people think animals don't talk, but they do. They just talk very quietly.
  • 34. Sometimes your lucky tights are luckier than you thought.
  • 38. Just because a dog looks cute in a nurses hat doesn't mean he's a very good nurse.
  • 41. What's the point to take kids to work if they can't help.
  • 42. If it weren't for mothers, little brothers would be very stinky.
  • 44. Sometimes children know better than their parent, but we never tell them.
  • 47. Walking up things is harder than walking down them, but the view is beautiful.
  • 48. School glue has many uses.
  • 52. If your mom is having a baby and she asks you whether you want a brother or a sister, that does not mean you're really going to get the kind you ask for.
  • 55. If your teacher says no to a sea lion or an elephant, a tiger is probably out of the question.
  • 62: The harder you try not to giggle, the more the giggles try to come out!
  • 68. If you build a really big solar system, make sure you have a really big bedroom door.
  • 88. If you wake your baby brother from a nap, he will be sad and your mother will be upset too.
  • 100. Red is the very best color for absolutely positively everything.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...


FarmWife said...

I adore Olivia. I frequently drive B.B. nuts by singing her theme song at the top of my lungs. He brought Olivia Saves the Circus home from the library today! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy you posted Olivia's rules. We are big Olivia fans in our house and we are throwing our daughter and an Olivia themed party. The rules will be part if the decorations! Thank u!!!