Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mama said there'd be days like this...

When I have an overly exhausting day, this song rings in my head. I think I sing it as a reminder that my day isn't any tougher than other mom's out there. In fact, I may be having a better day than most. I haven't blogged very much lately because of this exhaustive and foggy state of mind I've been in lately. The Brownies have gone crazy with their schedules. They have been up and down all night and then they finally go into deep sleep at 6am. We sleep in until 10a and then we muster up some energy to eat, play, read and watch tv, etc. Nap time has been sketchy at best and then bedtime...wow, can I even call it that?

We go to bed at a descent time, most nights, but no one sleeps for an extended amount of time and the Brownies tend to alternate waking up. Last night for instance...everyone is in bed and asleep at 8:30p. Little Brownie is up from 9:30 to 10:15p, then Big Brownie is up and down from 12a to 3:30a. Little Brownie is up tossing and turning from 2:00a to 4:00a. Daddy Brown wakes to give Little Brownie a bottle and lets me get some rest. I finally close my eyes and sleep until Big Brownie wakes up at 6a and then I threaten his life and binkie if he dare get out of bed again.

What is going on? Little Brownie is cutting 4 molars at the moment...so I know what is happening there and that will be for a short amount of time. But Big Brownie...if Daddy Brown or I lay in his bed and sleep there with him, he sleeps all night. Some nights are better than others, but last nights example has pretty much been the normal for about 2 weeks...and it's killing me to say the least. We have night lights and he isn't scared when he comes out of his room. He simply wants to lay in our bed with us or have us lay in his bed with him. Comforting and being attentive to every need has always been a priority of ours. But hello, can anyone shed light on Big Brownie. Why is he waking so much at night and for no real apparent reason? HELP!!!

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