Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you, Thank you...

So...I've been officially blogging for what...52 days and I received an award!!! Thank you, thank you very much to my reunited buddy from WAY back in the days of high school...see her blog here...Memoirs of a Farmwife, for such a sweet recognition. Taking a page from her book, I'm apparently supposed to divulge 6 unknown things about myself (so difficult) and then I get to award 6 new blogger here we go.

1. My mom was born and raised, until the age of 8 - (correction...age 10 as per my Mama), in the beautiful state of Hawaii. When my older sisters were born, they were given an official Hawaiian name at birth. Because my dad wanted me to have an all American name, I was named after my grandmother on my dad's side. When my mom took us to Hawaii for the first time, I met my mom's Godmother, Aunty NKS. When Aunty NKS found out I wasn't given a Hawaiian name at birth, she gave me hers...Kawailani. Kawailani means, The Heavenly Water.

2. When the boys go down for their nap, you can catch me watching Olivia on Nick Jr. It is one of my favorite little shows and I'm somewhat addicted. Sad...I know.

3. I loved being pregnant. Not that I'm having baby fever at the current moment, but I love the experience of carrying my baby with me 24/7 and feeling the movements. The only time in their entire life that you can literally take them everywhere.

4. When I was younger, my mom pierced my ears several times. I apparently have FAT EAR LOBES!!! Geez, couldn't I at least have skinny ears? Nope and they stick out! This was the apparent reason for the repeated infections and finally we gave up. When I was 22 and married, I finally decided I was old enough to try it again. Daddy Brown and I administered all the first aid care needed and finally, I have pierced ears. Even though they are pierced, you RARELY see me with earrings...KIDS!!!

5. Each year, I try a new vegetable to see if my taste buds have matured. This year, I tried a tomato and almost chucked. Well, I accidentally took a bite in a hamburger that hadn't had a tomato-ectomy. That counts right?

6. I am a stay at home mom and for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing at exactly the right time.

Ok, that was so challenging. we go! And the winners are:

Baby relation. Updates about their newest family member and the new trials of being Mr. Mom.

Team Martins over at With These Hands has a beautiful blog.

Tennessee Party of Five...just made it a party of Six this week...Congratulations!!!

I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan...most of the time I have to catch it online after the fact. If you are a should check out Sally Loftis blog review of Grey's Anatomy, Movie Reviews, Twilight Bible Study and others.

I love this blog for her creativity and wit. Check her out at Small Fry & Co.

And last but certainly not least...A Sneak Peak. Our children were born literally within days of each other. I love to keep up she gracefully puts it..."of our often chaotic, sometimes boring, but we think exciting, loveable, beautiful life."

So...there you have it. Some great blogs to visit and not so interesting, unknown facts about me. Thank you, thank definitely took an award for this post to happen!!!


Team Martins said...

Awww, thanks! I'll have to think on this and post soon. :)

1. Chicken bake... like hashbrown casserole, but with chicken! Umm, ridiculous! Mmmm!
2. Finally steam cleaned tonight... faint concealer and few spots of lipstick. Maybe another go tomorrow will bring victory!
3. XOXO to you all!

Anonymous said...

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FarmWife said...

Mama Brown, I'm so glad Facebook & blogging has give us the opportunity to get to know each other better now that we are so very far from high school! :)

I love your tidbits of info. Very cool!