Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Brownie turns 4...

Today at 3:07a, my Little Brownie is officially 4 years old.  He is our little blessing.  He is full of life and energy...enough to make a person tired just watching him.  His favorite toys are his dinosaurs.  He loves to play Skylanders and Donkey Kong on the Wii and loves to sing Christmas songs year round.  He still enjoys playing with trucks and trains.  He LOVES animals of all kinds.  His favorite books are anything Dinosaur, Curious George and anything written by Dr. Seuss...although Sam and The Firefly is the most requested.  He is a full on Mama's boy and I love every minute of it.  He is currently being homeschooled by yours truly and attends a tutorial once a week.  He really enjoys learning and I see his wheels turning especially when he furrows his brow in concentration.  At the age of 4, he is learning to read 3 letter words and follows his Big Brother around usually dressed up in costumes.  He is definitely an outdoors kind of guy.  Chocolate is a great modivator in his life.  When we have a backyard bonfire, he wants a hot dog no bun and a s'more with no graham cracker and no marshmellow.  He speaks his mind and gives the best hugs and kisses of any child I know.  His hug and kiss melts my heart every time.  

On this day 4 years ago, I was blessed to bring a human into the world the old fashion way...with no medical support.  On the way to the hospital, he was bound and determined to not wait for our official birthing plan.  I tried my best not to push. I tried my best to stay calm.  I tried my best to keep him in for 7 more minutes.  But alas, he decided it was time and I thank the Good Lord every single day that he was born healthy and safe.  We are truly blessed to have this little light in our life.  And he is a light.  He reminds me everyday that the miracles are in the everyday things we do, not just being born on the side of the road.  He speaks with clear wisdom and always knows when I need a hug or when a piggy back ride is just what we need to make our day gleen brighter.  The last 4 years have gone by in a blink of an eye.  It pains my heart to know that he is growing so fast that I try my best not to blink or miss a single moment of wonder and awe.  We love you Little Brownie and thank you for being our son.  You have taught us as much as we have tried to teach you.  You will always be my baby, even when you are a 30 something, 6 foot something young man.  I pray many blessings over you and pray that God is already preparing your future love in life.  Happy Birthday Little's going to be a good one!

You can read his story that I posted back in 2009 here

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preparations, Fire Drills & Fireflies

Well, the whole house has been under the weather since our return from Atlanta last week.  I think we are finally all on the mend.  This week has been busy with preparing for homeschool and getting ready for tutorial to gear up next week.  My mind and body have been kicked into high gear with new chore charts, homeschool planning, getting the playroom ready for a real educational environment.  Curriculum has been ordered and the weight of my future educational responsibilities have come down across my shoulders.  I take it in stride and try not to allow it to overwhelm me.


We opened our ABC Scriptures cards I printed from here and our verse for the day was 1 Thessalonians 5:11"Be kind to one another and build each other up."  So today I decided we would just have a low key fun day...and boy was it needed by all.  We brought out the water slide, I mowed the grass and we ate about 50 popsicles.  I mean what is life if you can't take a moment to enjoy the laughter, the creativity and the love?  

I try not to watch the news, especially since I don't want the Brownies exposed to murder, rape and kidnapping stories so openly and widely discussed in graphic detail most of the time.  However, with the Olympics, the television has been on for our competitive enjoyment.  The boys always root for the "Americans" and if there isn't an American team competing, they chose a team and we pretend to be from that country.  In between the Olympic airing, the local news has ran a few stories about kidnappings and fires.  I have been talking to the boys for several months about "what if" situations.  For example, I ask the Brownies..."If someone offers you candy and you don't know who they are and/or Mom and Dad are not there, what do you do?"  The favorite response from the boys is, "I tell them their candy stinks like my booty and a run!"  Or what if someone is stealing your brother what do your do...the reply is "I yell for help, bite their hand and give them a spin-jitzu drop kick!"  We also talk about other things like when is it ok to take your clothes off and if someone touches them inappropriately.  These are all things that I want to prepare them for, just in case they are in a situation and don't know what to do.  I want them to know they can talk to me and Daddy Brown about anything and that nothing is off limits.  Little Brownie being 3 years old and Big Brownie now 5 years old, I don't think it is to early to talk to them, in age appropriate terms of course, about being prepared.  

So along the lines of preparedness, tonight we had our first ever fire drill.  At Mother's Day Out last year, the boys were given a basic set of guidelines from the official fireman that came to the church....stop, drop and roll, etc.  I have been talking to the boys about what to do if there were a fire in our home.  Until tonight, they had never heard the fire alarms activated in our home.  So after dinner, I told them we would have an official fire drill.  With wide eyed anticipation, they both ran upstairs to their beds.  I hit the test button and the whole house began to alarm.  The boys did a great job crawling out of their beds, assessing which exit to get out, crawling down the stairs, exiting through a door and running to our neighbors flag pole as our family meeting spot.  We drilled from the bedrooms, we drilled from the playroom and we drilled from the living room.  However, the most challenging drill came by exiting the back door.  We have a fence that only opens from the outside.  The boys are both too short to reach the latch, so tonight, I taught them how to climb the fence and jump to freedom.  Big Brownie said, "This was the most exciting drill in the history of the world".  Little Brownie was not so keen.  He got shaky at the top and almost lost his composure.  He wanted to grab me, but I assured him I would not let him fall.  I explained that in a real fire, I might not be there to get him out and he had to learn to jump off the fence to save his life.  I kept reiterating this..."We can replace everything in our home but you.  You are the most important treasure we have.  Do not go into the burning house looking for Mommy, Daddy, your brother or your dog.  You have to get yourself out safe!"  I plan to do a few impromptu and unscheduled fire drills with the boys soon to make sure they really get the idea.  I plan on using caution tape to mark off areas that are "on fire" so they have to make quick and possibly lifesaving decisions.  For it being the first time, the boys did amazing and I was very proud of them!

So after our adventurous drills and as we walked back from our neighbors yard, dusk was upon us.  Big Brownie started chasing fireflies in the front yard.  Little Brownie followed and before you knew it, they had amassed quite a collection of fireflies.  I ran inside to get a jar and my camera.  As night fell, I enjoyed sitting on the porch step, watching them run and giggle and laugh with each other.  It is truly amazing the gift that God has given us in these two boys.  I cannot imagine my life more fulfilled and enriched.  After we took baths, read books and sang songs, I reached down to kiss Little Brownie.  He reached up with his arms and said, "This was an awesome day Mama...thank you!  I will love you forever and always!"  My heart swelled to almost tears.  I gave him an eskimo kiss and said, "This was the best day of my life, because I got to spend it with you and I love you forever and always".  (The boys love for me to read the book, Love you Forever by Robert Munsch.)  When I went to tuck Big Brownie in, he was drifting off to sleep.  He said, "Mama, can we have another fire drill tomorrow?"  I replied, "We'll see".  He said, "I'm so glad you are my Mama and I love you forever and always."  I kissed him on the head as tears whelped up in my eyes and said, "I will love you forever and always get some sleep."  Today has been an amazing day.  Quite possibly one of my favorite days...until tomorrow.  There will hopefully be more fireflies to catch and more fun to be had, but most importantly, I pray we will always have one another to be kind to and the ability to build each other up.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angels in the Outfield of life...

I love the movie, "Angels in the Outfield".  I have always found comfort in the knowledge that Angels abide beside us in our daily lives.  I had my own real life "Angels" appear seemingly out of thin air this past weekend.  We made a trip to Atlanta this past weekend with Tutu Nani as she was attending a conference.  We took the opportunity to take a few days to visit Legoland Discovery Center, Georgia Aquarium and well...Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Hospital.

We had an amazing time at Legoland.  I understand the Discovery Center is a postage stamp in comparison to the theme park versions in Florida and California, however, it was the perfect afternoon. The Brownies had the most amazing time and I seriously would drive another 5 hours at this very moment to take them again.  It will be one of those magical memories for me to see the excitement in their eyes.  On day 2, we made plans to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  This place was awesome.  The animals were huge and so close that the boys eyes wondered from one to another area to another area with anxious anticipation of what can they see next.  They would say, "Look mom, a whale shark...oh oh oh, look there is a manta ray."  There were so many people though that I was a bit claustrophobic.  My mom was with us and my sister was back at the hotel sick, and we had her 3 kids with us.  Saying the place was packed, would be an understatement.  I was constantly counting heads and looking for my mom.  It was a bit unnerving for me.  

As we found a spot to rest for a minute, the kids climbed onto a rock.  Little Brownie bumped his head as he was climbing.  I picked him up off the floor and held him to comfort his boo-boo.  As I was doing so, I heard a huge thump behind me.  As I turned around, Big Brownie was flat on his back, legs in the air and he was screaming.  He had fallen about 3 feet backward off the rock and hit the floor like a ton of bricks.  I tossed Little Brownie to my mom and grabbed Big Brownie into my arms.  I consoled him and tried to comfort him.  He finally stopped crying long enough for me to get some tylenol out of my first aid kit and give him some juice.  Once he calmed, I carried him through the aquarium.  Not allowing him to fall asleep, I tried my best to peak his interest back into the wildlife around us.  However, he seemed disoriented.  All at once, he began to cry...the "I'm about the blow chunks" kind of cry.  I get him to a trash can and he begins to vomit.  Although I tried my best to remain calm, this made me worry even more.  

As I continued to carry him, I went to get him a new shirt and drink from the gift shop.  I put his new shirt on and I checked his pupils with my keychain mag light and they responded as they should.  I gave him a drink and asked him to walk for me.  After a few steps, he began to vomit again.  I became more and more worried with each passing minute.  As we sat on the steps of the cafe, I called our pediatrician back home.  After speaking to the nurse, I put Big Brownie through a series questions looking for basic responses.  "How many fingers am I holding up?  Follow my finger with your eyes.  When you look at that chair is it clear or fuzzy?"  When I asked him to walk a short distance, he stumbled 3 times.  That was it, I decided we were going to the hospital.  I called my insurance to find out what hospitals were in our network and I began to lose it.  My voice began to crack as I nervously wrote down the name, address and number of hospitals, all the while, I'm holding Big Brownie and trying to keep him awake.  Thankfully, my mom had Little Brownie and my sisters kids as she is following me out of the venue. 

As we reached the van, Big Brownie begins to vomit again and I'm on the verge of panic mode.  We get everybody in the van, start the van and I ask my mom to pull up the hospitals on her GPS....and then the van dies.  As I'm trying to keep it together, I turn the key over again and the van will not start.  I take a deep breath and look up.  As I look over the steering wheel of the van a sense of desperation comes over me and I see a gentleman walking by himself in the parking lot.  I open the door and as I'm about to call out to him, my mom yells, "Sir, we need help!  Can you please help us?"  He approaches our van and asks how he can help.  My mom explains that our van died and we need to get to the hospital.  

Without a shred of fear, I begin unhooking Big Brownie from his seat and I begin to cry.  I hand him my slip of paper listing the hospitals that I had collected from my insurance and ask, "Can you please take me and my son to the hospital...he fell and hit his head, he is vomiting and I need help?"  This sweet kind individual that I did not know, agreed and drove me and Big Brownie to the hospital.  I left my mom with the van and the kids and put Big Brownie in this strangers car.  As it turns out, even though he currently lives in Georgia, he went to school just 40 minutes from our little town back home.  His name was Cameron and he did his best to keep me calm and distracted as I cried in his passenger seat.  Big Brownie vomited in his very nice, very new, top of the line Lexus and it didn't bother him a bit.  He had a few napkins and some water so I could try and clean Big Brownie up.  He drove us 20 minutes to the hospital.  He was on his way back to work, which happened to be in the hospital right across the street from the Children's Hospital we were going.  As he dropped us off, I gave him the biggest hug and thanked him.  What do you say to someone that has helped you so unconditionally?  He is an angel in my outfield.  

Big Brownie and I got the Emergency Room and a nurse named Lidia saw me enter.  She saw how distraught I was and that I was alone.  She decided she would intake us, triage us and treat us from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.  She is an angel in my outfield.  Big Brownie had a CT Scan and they gave him an anti-nausea medication.  He was officially diagnosed with a concussion.  After being there for 5 hours, my mom picked us up from the hospital and we headed back to the hotel, Big Brownie was back to his old self again.  We decided to stay another night in Atlanta because I was too exhausted and mentally drained to drive home.  I have been on my hands and knees thanking Jesus for allowing believers to step in to help me and my Big Brownie in our time of need.  It was not lost on me that they both referenced God and his healing powers for my Big Brownie.  Even in my time of despair, God was with me and Big Brownie.  It was the most comforting feeling and I will be forever grateful for the genuine kindness of these angels in the outfield of our life.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A good buzz and learning to swim...

I'm happy to report my nephew mentioned in the previous post is home from surgery and recovering well.  He is on restricted activity for the next 6 weeks.  As you can imagine, that will be a challenge as he gets to feeling better and better.  Thank you very much for all the prayers that have been lifted for our family.

In anticipation of his return, Daddy Brown and I have been talking to the Brownies about what was happening and what to expect when they get to visit our recovering cousin.  We told the boys that his hair had been shaved and made illustrations of the incision on Daddy Brown's bald head.  The boys decided it would be a good idea to shave their heads.  This is so their cousin would have other kids that look like him and would not feel singled out.  So, with clippers in hand and excitement all around, Daddy Brown helped Big Brownie shave his head using a No 2 guard.  After clipping half of his head, I reached over and mentioned to Daddy Brown, "Do you think it's short enough?"  Big Brownie whipped around and said, "Is this not as short as it needs to be?"  We looked at each other and said, "No, your cousins hair is shorter."  Big Brownie said, "I need my hair to look just like his so he doesn't feel bad."  So, with that, we changed the guard to No.1 and finished him right up...all the while, we hear Little Brownie say, "Me too, I want my hair just as short too".  So, we now have 2 head buzzed boys.  It's a great change of pace for the summer months.  With tick season upon us and their abundance, this will help with inspection time for sure.

We are a very "age driven" household.  The Brownies know they can't drive until they are 16, they know they can't chew gum until they are 4, but most recently, Big Brownie wanted to learn how to swim.  So, we decided that 5 was an appropriate age to take swimming lessons.  Big Brownie will be 5 on Friday, so we started lessons this week.  He was so overjoyed and excited.  We arrived with both Brownies to our instructors home and he took to it like a fish in the ocean.  Little Brownie was cool as a cucumber until he noticed swim lessons for Big Brownie seems pretty cool.  Then, he began to pout...that turned into begging.  He said, "Please Mama, can I take swim lessons?  I promise to be a good listener and not drown in the water!"  As it stands at this moment, we are going to stick to the 5 year old rule, however, if the instructor is willing to take a 3.5 year old, we may allow him to try ONE lesson to see if he can handle the hour long instruction....but we will see!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


When I think of summer closing in on our calendar, I always think about the joys of sleeping in, relaxed schedules, water slides and good friend play dates...too name a few.  Even though it's technically still Spring, we have busted out the water slide, bounce house, kiddie pool, sand table and just about anything else that might bring joy to our day.

Last week, we invited our cousin to come and play.  It was a special time because this sweet, precious 6 year old suffered an unexplained brain hemorrhage back in January.  After a routine follow up angiogram mid-May, the reason was finally revealed.  He has an abnormal blood vessel in his brain.  A vessel that needs repair immediately.  Because recovery will take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, he will likely not have a chance until late summer to enjoy the normal summer adventures that all young kids enjoy. 

After the water play concluded, I captured the boys having some "boy conversation" outside.  I could hear him explaining his surgery to Big Brownie.  He said, "Yeah, they are going to open my head, remove some bone, put 2 clips in and then I'll wake up."  There were many giggles and carefree, relaxed laughter.  It was a great afternoon.  Tomorrow, May 31st at 7:30a, he will indeed have brain surgery.  I praise Jesus that 2 leading neurosurgeons are right here in our area...a point that is not lost on me.  I pray knowing that God's hand will be covering every aspect of his procedure and recovery.  If you have a moment, please lift our family in prayer.  I am ever thankful for the support and love that surrounds this sweet boy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Say What Wednesday...

The other day I heard a new word as the boys were playing.  I came into the room and asked, "What's a 'Fuscle'?"  Little Brownie crouches in his best ninja stances and yells, "Mom freeze!  Don't move a Fuscle or the bad guy is going to get you!"

We were in the store last week and Little Brownie asks Big Brownie, "What does a baboon look like?"  Big Brownie says at the top of his lungs, "Well, I think it is gray all over with a Big Pink Booooty!"  Laughter busts out all around us, which made them say it about 100 more times.

I can't remember if I have shared this one or not.  A couple of weeks ago, Big Brownie was talking to Daddy Brown.  He said, "Dad, when I grow up I'm going to Las Vegas to find me a pretty wife."  As I walk around the corner containing my giggles, I said, "Oh really and are you going to live in Las Vegas too?"  He said, "After I get my pretty wife to marry me, we are going to move to Jerusalem to do God's work."  Daddy Brown and I giggle as we agreed that if he finds a wife in Las Vegas, God's work in Jerusalem might be just the ticket for some redemption.

Big Brownie is really wanting us to have another baby.  He wants a sister so bad.  He told my mom, "I am praying that God puts that special seed in moms belly."  This after informing her and a few other people that I'm expecting a baby...which I am NOT!

We have started visiting a nearby church over the last month or so.  The boys LOVE going.  The gathering is held in a local elementary school and of course, it's called "Bible School" by the boys.  When we get ready to go they ask, "Mom, is this the Bible school that we have to take a nap or just have so much fun?"  I explain they do not have to take nap.  To that I hear, "Praise Jesus! That is the best place in the whole wide world!"  

This past Saturday after driving into town to run some errands, we stopped by to check out the new Riverwalk.  We found a family of geese walking as well.  Big Brownie said, "Why does that sign say no?"  I read the sign aloud and they both look at me and said, "But Mom, what did the geese do that they can't swim in the water...did they break the law?"  I grinned and explained that the sign is only for people.  Little Brownie says with a sigh of relief, "Whew, I was afraid we would have to bring them home to swim in our water slide!"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh the laughter...

With the warmer weather comes beautiful adventures.  Strawberry picking, water slides, outdoor play dates with friends, dancing in the rain, driveway bumper cars and little train rides.  The Brownies have experienced many adventures this first week of May.  And let's not forget the lessons we can learn from our own community.  This past weekend our local park sponsored the little train rides and an American History live fair.  Train rides, real horses, real Indians and REAL TORTURE!  That's right...The Brownies discovered and explored what it was like to live back in the day when soldiers camped in tents on wood beds with quilts, leather goods that had been transformed from animal hide and women wearing long dresses and bonnets.  Boys being boys, the Brownies found the most appealing...well, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Once in this contraption, the solider explained that this was a source of humiliation.  Townspeople would generally spit, hit and slap you while you did your time for a number of petty crimes.  Crimes that include stealing, lying and not paying your taxes.  The boys thought this was so cool.  We visited the horses.  Big Brownie has a weak stomach by nature, so the smell of the horse droppings almost made him lose his breakfast.  Little Brownie thought they were "AWWWESOME"!

While putting this post together, I remember how much fun it is to have the Brownies and watching them grow.  Hearing them talk to each other, correcting each other and loving each other.  It makes my heart sing to hear them show kindness and love and to hear the laughter.  The kind of laughter that is from the belly that is uncontrollable and rolls up like thunder.  The looks on their faces as this laughter explodes.  The kind I hear in my head and giggle when no one is around.  They don't seem to fight that often, but when a disagreement ensues, I am comforted to know that "I'm sorry" and forgiveness is near.   What memories I hope they will have locked tight in their souls.  So much glory watching them discover and learn.  Impromptu play in the creek, running in the rain, driveway bumper cars.  The simple moments of joy and laughter.

And at the end of the day, with all the fun abound, I am overjoyed to hear, "Mama, this has been the best day ever!"  Could it be that tomorrow will bring another adventurous morning, afternoon or evening.  I hope it does.  I pray it does.  I know it will. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


In our home, we talk to the Brownies quite often about how to handle their money.  When I speak of "their" money, this could mean money either given to them or money earned for completing a task that had a monetary value.  Now, since the Brownies are only 3 and 4 years old, this means breaking it down on terms quite simple.  They have a piggy bank in which we save money.  They have a "God" jar for their tythe.  They have a spend jar for the fun they want to buy.  And they have "Give" jar that we find either missions or charities to donate.  

Last night, I heard the Brownies discussing the "Give" jar.  Who or what do they want to donate money to help others.  The next thing I know, I'm presented with their "Give" jars and my tape dispenser.  They asked for me to open their jars and give them a big piece of tape. When I ask why? Big Brownie said, "Well Mom, we talked it over and we think it's gonna cost Santa a lot of money to give toys to everybody. We need to leave money out for him by the chimney, so he can start saving too."  When I came downstairs this morning, this is what I find taped to the wall.  I prayed prayers of thanksgiving that my Brownies have the ability to identify a need and figure out a way to help in their own way.  This was a precious moment and I am thankful that they have giving hearts and spirits.


Friday, April 20, 2012

S'more for you...


Being able to sit around the fire roasting hot dogs, making s'mores and enjoying the spring weather is just part of growing up.  These are the memories I hope the Brownies remember most.  Not what they got in their Easter basket to eat or play with, but the simple love of family.  This evening we brought out the roasting sticks and put them to use.  Dusting off the old logs to throw in the pit and sipping sweet tea, life just seems to slow down for a few hours.  Hot dogs over the fire, s'mores melting in our mouth and talking about our day.  No television, no email or cell phone to distract.  Just honest conversation with our boys and connecting as a family unit.  Once our belly's are full, we broke out the glow sticks for nighttime play once the sun goes down.  Oh spring nights, with the warm winds blowing through our hair, life doesn't get much better than this.  Thank you Father God for the many blessing abound.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hold the Yogurt Batman...

Ever wonder what it's like to live with a superhero?  Well...The Brownies are Superheroes in their own right.  They love to dress up as Star Wars heroes, they love to dress up as Super Mario Brothers, but most of all, they love to dress up as Batman and Robin.  After having the Batman superhero birthday of all birthdays last year for Big Brownie, we have done nothing but be "faster than a speeding bullet".  We can make just about any experience more enriched with a cape.  How about an afternoon stroll with such a fine Superhero?  That's just what we did.  After Daddy Brown came home from work, and a quick "Super Yogurt" snack, we heading down the road to fix mayhem.  With our Super Dog Andy by our side, we set out to save the day.  Oh me, aside from giggling the whole time, we managed to save a caterpillar from certain death in the road, pick up a can or two to recycle and last but not least, save our dog Andy from dehydration by sharing our water supply with him.  Yep, I'm most assured that with Superhero Brownies in our home, the joker is no match!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding some peace...

 With the warmer weather, it is not uncommon to find the back door open from morning to dusk.  With the security of a fenced in back yard and our highly protective watch dog Andy, the Brownies are given a bit of freedom.  Especially on a busy at home work day for me, they love the opportunity to find activities.  Usually these activities are together, however on this particular day, Little Brownie fell asleep on the couch.  Big Brownie asked if he had to nap or could he play.  With my approval, he gathered his Star Wars Dictionary and found a quiet place to read and review.  This is where I found him...peaceful.

And about the cutest toes my heart has ever seen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let's take a look....

I hate to admit that my Brownies are 3 and 4 years old and I haven't taken them to the dentist.  At least, not until today.  There is no good reason that we haven't gone before now, except it slipped my mind.  We make all of our yearly wellness visits to our pediatrician.  We have all the vaccinations that I'm comfortable they receive.  We brush our teeth (nearly every day).  A few weeks ago, a local pediatric dentist visited the boys at their preschool.  They came home ULTRA excited.  They explained what would happen at the dentist and showed off their new toothbrush and toothpaste.  So, I jumped on the phone and ceased the enthusiasm to make their appointment.

Today, we showed up and this dental office definitely caters to the smaller human beings.  A Volkswagen bus was in the waiting room and the boys started jumping up and down.  I got them checked in and we were called back for our cleaning.  The boys did better than I could have ever imagined.  They sat in the chairs, with their mouths opened wide and watched Cars 2 on the overhead televisions.  They giggled and followed direction without any reservations.  

Next, they went for x-rays.  Sitting in the chair with their protective apron, I felt emotion welling up inside me.  They are getting so big.  They can follow directions well and they are very polite.  I could not have asked for a better appointment.  Well, until the dentist comes out and takes a look.  My Brownies are not cleaning their teeth as well as they should be.  I admit in the haste of our schedule sometimes, I don't always do a follow-up check on their brushing.  Add to that the fact that we use a non-flouride toothpaste and we chew our Juice Plus gummies every morning after brushing is a recipe for disaster.  The dentist recommended we silver cap one of Big Brownies teeth.  I started to cry.  There are no real visible surface cavities, but this is between the teeth on the side.  I explained that our course of action would be of a different reaction.  If I am more diligent about checking their brushing, adding flouride toothpaste and a flouride mouthwash, I am hoping to have an improved result on their next visit. 

So, the protocol of our morning will change.  Rather than brushing our teeth first thing when we rise, we will eat breakfast, chew our gummies and then brush, rinse and floss.  At night, we will try to make the rounds again with eating first and then dental maintenance.  I pray the cavity on Big Brownies tooth will heal.  I have faith that with our new course of action, we can improve his babies teeth to a healthier state.  We have a good 4 or 5 more years with these teeth before new ones emerge and pray these new habits will make a difference.  But as for the actual visit, the boys had a blast.  As we left the dentist's office, Big Brownie says, "So Mom, I gather I have a cootie on my tooth?"  I explained that was indeed true.  The boys were ecstatic to pick out new toothbrushes, cool Sponge Bob mouth wash and colorful floss for our new regiment.  I'm thankful that it wasn't worse and I'm thankful that we went ahead now before it wasn't an option to try and heal.  So, in 6 months, we will take a look again and see our progress...hopefully wonderful progress!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Olivia the pig...

Ok, so today I discovered that my post about the "Rules of Life" from Nick Jr.'s show Olivia, is one of my most reviewed blog post.  That truly made me smile and smile BIG TIME.  So, I thought I'd share another tidbit...I'm a fan.  Not just a fan, I'm apart of the fan club.  That's right, I'm a card carrying member of the official Olivia Fan Club.  In case you didn't know, I LOVE Olivia.  I'm still very much a kid at heart.  Even at the age of 35, I LOVE to watch the show and read the books.  I love the enthusiasm in life this little piglet represents.  So here you go, a few of my favorite Rules of Life and my very own prized possession...

Rule of Life #17:  Sometimes other people's idea of fun is very different from your own.
Rule of Life #19:  Sometimes you just have to use your big voice.
Rule of Life #38:  Just because a dog looks cute in a nurse's hat, doesn't mean he's a very good nurse.
Rule of Life #52:  Never seat your customers under an angry squirrel with acorns, unless they insist.
Rule of Life #65:  For some reason, headbands make you feel faster.

Have a great weekend!  ~Mama Brown

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Weather...where are you?

I need some winter weather!  I'd like at least 1 big snow, so we can play and make snow cream!  We have some snowball makers and igloo block molds for the boys in anticipation of snow this year.  I would also like a good winter snap so that the bugs would be a little more controlled this Spring and Summer.  Seriously, it's February 23rd and the sun is out and shining so bright.  I have the washer going, the dishwasher going, boys are playing nicely upstairs in the playroom, Andy is sleeping on the couch and I'm blasting Dara Maclean through the house.  

I love Dara Maclean.  She is my go to music these days when I'm feeling uplifted and in a great mood.  Even if you are in a stinky mood, her songs can give you the "pick me up" you'll need.  One of my absolute favorite songs in the entire world is That's what love looks like.  It is amazing.  Here is a link to the song on You Tube.  It's well worth the few minutes to listen.  

Enjoyed waking up today to Brownies in great moods.  It's been a lazy morning for them.  Big Brownie usually wakes up every morning between 7:25 and 7:45a.  He is a great alarm clock for me and Daddy Brown.  Little Brownie typically asks for "10 more minutes Mudder".  He is the one I have to tickle and wake up slowly otherwise he can put a hammer on everyone's mood for the day.  I have learned that starting to wake him up early and just keep at it until he "wants" to wake up.  Telling him what Big Brownie and I are about to do, that is exciting of course, is my best weapon.  I usually give him the 10 extra minutes he request, then come back in for a tickle session.  Giggles are the best way to wake up don't you think?

Plan to do some projects with the boys today once I get the house picked up from the WWE Cage match that took place last night.  The boys LOVE to "Wrassle", especially with their Dad.  Now that they are over 3 feet tall, they also love to wrestle with Andy.  Andy is still learning, as a fresh 2 year old pup in a 5 year old dog body, how to be gentle with the boys.  Boxers...well like to box.  However, 1 swat from Andy can take one of the Brownies down in 1 failed swoop...then mass chaos ensues.  Hoping to really soak up this beautiful day that we have been so blessed with today.  However, I'm totally ok with the forecast of 43 degrees tomorrow.  Wouldn't mind a few below freezing days with a chance of beautiful wet snow flakes!  Please Frosty and Jack Frost, give us something?  Please?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Say What Wednesday?

I've been on a blogging hiatus for a while so I thought I'd throw out some funny moments over the last little bit...

As we were coming home from the grocery store, Big Brownie reminded me that he was issued an official drivers license by his teacher at Mother's Day Out.  He said, "Mama, I am officially ready and able to drive the car at any moment.  I promise to drive the speed limit and NOT get a ticket.  I don't want you to take money from our family to pay for my ticket.  We need that money so you can buy me more toys."

Little Brownie was walking around the house grabbing his booty.  I asked, "Why are you grabbing your booty?"  He replied, "Don't worry, it only hurts a little."  I said, "Why, what's wrong?"  He said, "Oh, it's just my underwear...I put them on backwards so I could see my booty today."  With a smile I replied, "Well, let's put them back on the right way."  He said, "Ok Mudder"!

And on that note, does anyone else have a 3 year old child that chooses to call their mom Mother?  Well, Little Brownie does and he calls me "Mudder" all the time.  Sometimes I even get a Mud instead of a Mom!

The boys were watching the Disney movie "Up" the other day.  Big Brownie says, "Mama, one day I'm gonna go to America".  I said, "Baby, you live in America."  He said, "Oh, well maybe I can be in American without my brother!" 

We have started our responsibility chart in our home.  The boys are expected to make their bed, get dressed on their own, put their clothes in the hamper, pick out their own breakfast (if it's a cereal morning), pick up their toys, put their wii games away and in the correct boxes, feed our dog Andy, brush their teeth in the morning and at night and put on their pajamas.  Now, that is the goal, not necessarily the action.  These are acts they are expected to do, most importantly, without me having to ask them.  However on some days around the Brown house, you may here things like....

"Can today just be a pajama day so I don't have to get dressed?"
"I didn't eat anything that was stinky today, so do I still have to brush my teeth?"
"Can I just put these clothes in the washer for you instead of the hamper?"
"If I leave my toys on the floor, then we can just let Andy play with it."
"I didn't feed Andy today because I didn't want to get my hands dirty."

These are just a few that come to my mind at the moment.  And...because I've been on a blogging hiatus, be on the look out for Birthday and other holiday posts to come.  :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In sickness and in health...

In sickness and in health is very convoluted.  The words can take on several different meanings depending on the circumstances.  Everyone is always there to share with you the "in health" part.  That's the enjoyable part of life.  The part that makes memories and warm fuzzy traditions. 

But what about the "In sickness" part?  I pray that our boys will be there for us in the event that one or both of us need them in our elder years.  Hopefully, we will have planned well enough to take care of ourselves.  But what if you never marry or have children?  What if your spouse dies before you?  Who will be there for you when you are struck with sickness? 

I am praying today for those who do not have someone to take care of them during the "in sickness" parts of life.  I pray that God gives us all strength, compassion and love to care for those people in our lives that need us, even in the most difficult times. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just beautiful...

I was surfing around the internet this morning and came across a picture.  It is one that spoke to me because I haven't really seen anything like it.  It is not often that a picture says so many words of comfort.  In this one picture, I can find all I need to start my day.  So...I thought I'd share it too.  I pray you have a blessed day as well.