Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Weather...where are you?

I need some winter weather!  I'd like at least 1 big snow, so we can play and make snow cream!  We have some snowball makers and igloo block molds for the boys in anticipation of snow this year.  I would also like a good winter snap so that the bugs would be a little more controlled this Spring and Summer.  Seriously, it's February 23rd and the sun is out and shining so bright.  I have the washer going, the dishwasher going, boys are playing nicely upstairs in the playroom, Andy is sleeping on the couch and I'm blasting Dara Maclean through the house.  

I love Dara Maclean.  She is my go to music these days when I'm feeling uplifted and in a great mood.  Even if you are in a stinky mood, her songs can give you the "pick me up" you'll need.  One of my absolute favorite songs in the entire world is That's what love looks like.  It is amazing.  Here is a link to the song on You Tube.  It's well worth the few minutes to listen.  

Enjoyed waking up today to Brownies in great moods.  It's been a lazy morning for them.  Big Brownie usually wakes up every morning between 7:25 and 7:45a.  He is a great alarm clock for me and Daddy Brown.  Little Brownie typically asks for "10 more minutes Mudder".  He is the one I have to tickle and wake up slowly otherwise he can put a hammer on everyone's mood for the day.  I have learned that starting to wake him up early and just keep at it until he "wants" to wake up.  Telling him what Big Brownie and I are about to do, that is exciting of course, is my best weapon.  I usually give him the 10 extra minutes he request, then come back in for a tickle session.  Giggles are the best way to wake up don't you think?

Plan to do some projects with the boys today once I get the house picked up from the WWE Cage match that took place last night.  The boys LOVE to "Wrassle", especially with their Dad.  Now that they are over 3 feet tall, they also love to wrestle with Andy.  Andy is still learning, as a fresh 2 year old pup in a 5 year old dog body, how to be gentle with the boys.  Boxers...well like to box.  However, 1 swat from Andy can take one of the Brownies down in 1 failed swoop...then mass chaos ensues.  Hoping to really soak up this beautiful day that we have been so blessed with today.  However, I'm totally ok with the forecast of 43 degrees tomorrow.  Wouldn't mind a few below freezing days with a chance of beautiful wet snow flakes!  Please Frosty and Jack Frost, give us something?  Please?

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k.mart said...

Maddie and Little Brownie are such kindred spirits! :) Love reading about life... sort of makes me feel still down the street. Wish you guys could have been here last weekend when we got our showering of snow. What fun that would have been! Love you all.