Friday, February 24, 2012

Olivia the pig...

Ok, so today I discovered that my post about the "Rules of Life" from Nick Jr.'s show Olivia, is one of my most reviewed blog post.  That truly made me smile and smile BIG TIME.  So, I thought I'd share another tidbit...I'm a fan.  Not just a fan, I'm apart of the fan club.  That's right, I'm a card carrying member of the official Olivia Fan Club.  In case you didn't know, I LOVE Olivia.  I'm still very much a kid at heart.  Even at the age of 35, I LOVE to watch the show and read the books.  I love the enthusiasm in life this little piglet represents.  So here you go, a few of my favorite Rules of Life and my very own prized possession...

Rule of Life #17:  Sometimes other people's idea of fun is very different from your own.
Rule of Life #19:  Sometimes you just have to use your big voice.
Rule of Life #38:  Just because a dog looks cute in a nurse's hat, doesn't mean he's a very good nurse.
Rule of Life #52:  Never seat your customers under an angry squirrel with acorns, unless they insist.
Rule of Life #65:  For some reason, headbands make you feel faster.

Have a great weekend!  ~Mama Brown

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nonnie said...

I love Olivia, too! I am singing the song in my head right now. Olivia, Olivia!

The grands and I watch it together and read the books. Such a sweet refreshing little piglet!