Monday, May 2, 2011

Claiming victory...

I have to make a confession. Last night, I was watching the "Celebrity Apprentice" at my mom's house when all of a sudden in a crucial part of the show, breaking news interrupted our show. I was irritated. Not just because I was missing my show, but more importantly, because the newscast was so eager to say that the President was going to make an important announcement, they couldn't hold the news for the President to ACTUALLY give the announcement. My initial reaction to the news was callus. I was irritated that the news reporter made the announcement before the President. Isn't he at least due that? Can we as a news hungry society not give the President a chance to make such an important announcement that the number 1 terriorist in the world has been captured and defeated?

I am proud to be an American. But this victory is not just justice for all the people that suffered from his many terrorist attacks, but a victory for our military and human nature all together. How many soliders have died trying to accomplish this task? How many American lives have been affected by this one individual? The numbers are staggering I'm sure. After seeing the President's speech again this morning, emotions well up inside of me. So many emotions. I wonder if the Navy Seals that pulled the trigger was a Christian. I wonder how I would react in that situation? I wonder how you take another man's life in that sense? Orders to kill a killer. Would you have time to pray for your mission and for the soul of the life you are going to take? There is something to be said for the most elite of teams that can do this kind of duty. I am thankful that there are people that are willing to go to war and to accept such missions. I am thankful to be free. I am thankful that I can write such a post, whether anyone reads it or not.

I dropped my mom off at the airport today for a 2 week trip. I couldn't help but think, "I wish she wasn't flying in an airplane on this day." I had a high level of fear when I kissed her goodbye. On the drive home, my mind was consumed with these fearful thoughts. I don't know what I would do without my mom. Could this terrorist change my world today with orders given in the event of his death? The answer is yes. However, I have to have faith. I know that my mom is saved and I find comfort in that. I can only pray over the flight and over my mom. I can only continue to have faith that she will have an uneventful and safe trip. In this day, I am claiming victory.