Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A good buzz and learning to swim...

I'm happy to report my nephew mentioned in the previous post is home from surgery and recovering well.  He is on restricted activity for the next 6 weeks.  As you can imagine, that will be a challenge as he gets to feeling better and better.  Thank you very much for all the prayers that have been lifted for our family.

In anticipation of his return, Daddy Brown and I have been talking to the Brownies about what was happening and what to expect when they get to visit our recovering cousin.  We told the boys that his hair had been shaved and made illustrations of the incision on Daddy Brown's bald head.  The boys decided it would be a good idea to shave their heads.  This is so their cousin would have other kids that look like him and would not feel singled out.  So, with clippers in hand and excitement all around, Daddy Brown helped Big Brownie shave his head using a No 2 guard.  After clipping half of his head, I reached over and mentioned to Daddy Brown, "Do you think it's short enough?"  Big Brownie whipped around and said, "Is this not as short as it needs to be?"  We looked at each other and said, "No, your cousins hair is shorter."  Big Brownie said, "I need my hair to look just like his so he doesn't feel bad."  So, with that, we changed the guard to No.1 and finished him right up...all the while, we hear Little Brownie say, "Me too, I want my hair just as short too".  So, we now have 2 head buzzed boys.  It's a great change of pace for the summer months.  With tick season upon us and their abundance, this will help with inspection time for sure.

We are a very "age driven" household.  The Brownies know they can't drive until they are 16, they know they can't chew gum until they are 4, but most recently, Big Brownie wanted to learn how to swim.  So, we decided that 5 was an appropriate age to take swimming lessons.  Big Brownie will be 5 on Friday, so we started lessons this week.  He was so overjoyed and excited.  We arrived with both Brownies to our instructors home and he took to it like a fish in the ocean.  Little Brownie was cool as a cucumber until he noticed swim lessons for Big Brownie seems pretty cool.  Then, he began to pout...that turned into begging.  He said, "Please Mama, can I take swim lessons?  I promise to be a good listener and not drown in the water!"  As it stands at this moment, we are going to stick to the 5 year old rule, however, if the instructor is willing to take a 3.5 year old, we may allow him to try ONE lesson to see if he can handle the hour long instruction....but we will see!

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