Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Say What Wednesday...

The other day I heard a new word as the boys were playing.  I came into the room and asked, "What's a 'Fuscle'?"  Little Brownie crouches in his best ninja stances and yells, "Mom freeze!  Don't move a Fuscle or the bad guy is going to get you!"

We were in the store last week and Little Brownie asks Big Brownie, "What does a baboon look like?"  Big Brownie says at the top of his lungs, "Well, I think it is gray all over with a Big Pink Booooty!"  Laughter busts out all around us, which made them say it about 100 more times.

I can't remember if I have shared this one or not.  A couple of weeks ago, Big Brownie was talking to Daddy Brown.  He said, "Dad, when I grow up I'm going to Las Vegas to find me a pretty wife."  As I walk around the corner containing my giggles, I said, "Oh really and are you going to live in Las Vegas too?"  He said, "After I get my pretty wife to marry me, we are going to move to Jerusalem to do God's work."  Daddy Brown and I giggle as we agreed that if he finds a wife in Las Vegas, God's work in Jerusalem might be just the ticket for some redemption.

Big Brownie is really wanting us to have another baby.  He wants a sister so bad.  He told my mom, "I am praying that God puts that special seed in moms belly."  This after informing her and a few other people that I'm expecting a baby...which I am NOT!

We have started visiting a nearby church over the last month or so.  The boys LOVE going.  The gathering is held in a local elementary school and of course, it's called "Bible School" by the boys.  When we get ready to go they ask, "Mom, is this the Bible school that we have to take a nap or just have so much fun?"  I explain they do not have to take nap.  To that I hear, "Praise Jesus! That is the best place in the whole wide world!"  

This past Saturday after driving into town to run some errands, we stopped by to check out the new Riverwalk.  We found a family of geese walking as well.  Big Brownie said, "Why does that sign say no?"  I read the sign aloud and they both look at me and said, "But Mom, what did the geese do that they can't swim in the water...did they break the law?"  I grinned and explained that the sign is only for people.  Little Brownie says with a sigh of relief, "Whew, I was afraid we would have to bring them home to swim in our water slide!"

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