Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days like this...

Even though the Brownies haven't been resting well and I'm exhausted every waking minute of the day, there are still treasured moments that I hope to remember for the rest of my life. Today, Little Brownie climbed up in my lap, wrapped his little arms around me and said, "Loooovvvee uuuuu". His little grin with those three bottom teeth just make my heart melt. He is beginning to use his words a lot more and seemingly a lot more clear. While making lunch, I heard a ruckus in the living room. When I came into the room, I saw the Brownies in separate corners of the room. I said, "Ok, what happened?" Little Brownie looked up and pointed his finger a Big Brownie and said, "Hit me!" I picked him up and sure enough there was a small red spot coming up on his back. After further inspection, there was also a red spot coming up on Big Brownie, so who really knows what happened?

To change things up a little bit, I decided to serve lunch in the playroom today. The Brownies LOVED it. Everyone sat at the table, watched their show and ate their food. It was a nice change of pace from the normal. After lunch, we read a few books and it was nap-time. I let Big Brownie lay in his bed while I get Little Brownie down in his room. I gave Little Brownie his milk, held him tight and kissed his cheeks and hands. Fast to sleep he went. I went to Big Brownie's room where he is quietly waiting for me. I began singing to him and he reached up. I took his hand in mine and he put his little arms around my neck. I rocked him to sleep and laid him down.

Is there truly anything better then days like this? My sweet Brownies give me a tough time but days like today make up for every minute of it. I hope I can remember for my entire lifetime the look and feel of my babies at this stage. They are so truly precious and I am so very blessed to be their Mama. Our children are gifts from God. The Good Lord never gives us more than we can handle, even if that means pushing us to our outer most limits.


Sophie said...

You are right children are a gift from God.The friends we have now are also a gift.I am learning to except,cherish and be a good infulence to the friends I have now cause they are a gifts from God. I love you!

almost five said...

Boy (or girl, in our case), do I ever hear you?! Hardest and most beautiful, tiring and most energizing, frustrating and most exhilirating job I have ever-- or WILL ever have-- I'm sure of it!

You're an amazing Mama, and your boys are blessed indeed!