Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, my Brownies are growing up. Today, we went to have brunch with Aunt Apple, a quick trip to the bank and to Target. When we got home, it was 2p and most certainly nap time. Big Brownie's potty training has been going well. No real accidents to mention. I haven't been brave enough to put real underwear on him when we leave the house, so he is still using the pull-up as a diaper for now. I'll ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom to use the potty and his reply..."No thanks". As we entered the house from our errands, Sissy was laying on the couch and Little Brownie walked over and rubbed her head. All the while saying, "Awww, Sissy-girl". I asked Big Brownie if he needed to use the potty? He said, "Yes Mama, I do need to pee-pee in the potty". I run over to help him pull his pants and pull-up down. I look over at Little Brownie and he is running to the potty to open the top and points to the potty. Big Brownie runs over, does his business and Little Brownie starts clapping his hands and saying, "YAY!" It brought a tear to my eye.

Some days, I think I am so wasteful of my time with the Brownies. I've been so tired lately from the interruptions of nap time and nighttime, that some days, I honestly am counting down how many hours it is until nap time or bedtime, so I can lay down and close my eyes too. Today, opened my eyes that my babies are going to be babies much longer and it hurts. It makes me ashamed that there have been days that I haven't cherished every second of every minute. Time that has gone by that I'll never get back. One day, I'll wake up and they will be in high school or college and they won't want to hug and kiss me voluntarily. There will be a time that I'll have to share them with another person that will be the love of their life. So, I'm humbly asking for their forgiveness. Knowing that because they are so small and so forgiving at this point, it is an easy task for them. A hug, a kiss, my love and my time is all they ever ask of me and Daddy Brown. For now, with the exception of goodwill towards our family and our belonging, it's all I'll ask of them.

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