Friday, January 22, 2010

Freaky Friday...

Almost without fail, I check my Facebook home page on Friday mornings and there are at least 5 people shouting...TGIF! Don't know about you, but Friday's have a tendency to be one of my toughest days. Here it is a little bit after 11a on Friday morning and I'm just about at my whiny, not listening, kid meltdown limit. Here is a recap of my morning so far...

Beginning at 3:45a, Big Brownie comes out of his room to tell me he can't find his binkie. I'll admit I have not been very consistent with the binkie. That is about to change. I have done my best at making the binkie unavailable during the day and leaving it for naptime and bedtime. However, since Little Brownie still uses a binkie, they are still prevalent in our household. We found binkie in his bed, then he wants juice. I've started giving him water at night instead of juice because he is literally pee(ing) through an over-sized, overnight diaper. We have a small battle about, "This is water, I want juice!" Next we have the other requests, "Mama, will you sing me a song" and "Mama, will you sleep here in my bed with me...PLEASEEEE!" Because I'm exhausted, I lay there and sing songs until we fall asleep. I wake up around 5a and head back to my bed.

Then, Little Brownie wakes up at 5:15a. I go downstairs, let Sissy outside, give her water and make Little Brownie a bottle of milk. Put Sissy back on the couch and upstairs I go to rock Little Brownie back to sleep. Back to my bed at 5:45a only to fall asleep at 6:30a. Daddy Brown's alarm goes off at 7:00a and continues to go off every 9 minutes until he wakes about 7:30a or so. I fall back asleep and Big Brownie climbs into bed with me at 7:45a. I turn the television on and try to convince him to watch t.v. while I attempt to sleep a little bit longer. Daddy Brown leaves and Big Brownie begins jumping on the bed. I usually have this discussion with myself every morning...either I can get up and get in the shower before Little Brownie wakes up, or I can lay here for another 15 minutes. I'll admit, I choose the latter of the two most mornings.

Big Brownie and I come downstairs, I slam down a cup of coffee and make Little Brownie a bottle. Get Little Brownie out of bed about 8:45a and back downstairs for oatmeal and yogurt. Let Sissy outside to tinkle, fix her breakfast...slam down 2nd cup of coffee! Big Brownie goes upstairs and decides after many corrections from me, he wants to jump on the stairs. You know what happens next, he falls and bumps his leg. "I NEED A BINKIE...IT WILL MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!", he exclaims. Then, the battle of the binkie begins. Little Brownie is following me around wanting a cheese cracker, a butter cracker, a graham cracker...only to feed them to Sissy. Upstairs everyone goes to change out the laundry. Unload the dryer, with the help of both Brownies of course, load the dryer from the washer...fight over who is going to close the dryer door...pushing fight between the Brownies. Turn on washer, Big Brownie starts putting in anything he can find and Little Brownie wants to help but isn't tall enough. Little Brownie gets mad and pulls clothes out of Big Brownies hand. Get the clothes put in washer, Little Brownie gets to close the door. Get his hand caught in the bi-fold doors and meltdown.

I get him calmed down, and nature calls. I go to the bathroom for literally 2 minutes and I come back to find all my clean clothes inter-mingled with all my dirty clothes. AHHHH!!! I could have screamed. The boys are now in the middle of the clothes pile and throwing clothes up in the air...laughing their heads off. Gather all the clothes and put them back in the laundry basket. Come downstairs for story time. Battle of the books! We select 5 books each and begin to read our books. We peacefully enjoy our snack and juice while we read. Once the snacks have been eaten, mass chaos ensues. Little Brownie gets so upset he thrashes around until he finally realizes I'm not paying attention. We go back upstairs to organize our craft activity and I'm about to pull my hair out. I decide I need coffee cup #3 and end up turning on the television for a break. I frown at me, but I need a break! least for the next 22 minutes while the boys watch Nick Jr. I ask myself many times, why do I blog? Days like this is my answer. I'm at home with the sweetest 2 Brownies in the world. However somedays, like today, I need to share my day with someone. It's therapeutic for me and a giggle for you. I know that if you are reading this and you are a feel my every pain and you smile at each incident! It's ok, today is Friday and I'm sharing my day with you! I hope your freaky Friday is better than mine!~I look forward to Daddy Brown coming home and giving me a hand! Oh...and I just realized I forgot to turn on the dryer! AHHHH!!!


Sophie said...

Hey Aunt Stacee!,My family's busyest time of the week is the beginning:Monday:Class for me and Brown,Tuesday:Brown,me and Coben have at least one class.Wensday:One class for Brown
ahhhhh!!! So usally are last days of the week are not so bad . Hope they are not so stressful for you!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Spelling lessons needed!!!!
Aunt Fudge

Anonymous said...

My goodness my dear,
reading your blog brings back memories when you and your sisters were tossing my laundry around and fighting over the towels. You're doing an awesome job with your little men. One day all of these Friday's will be gone and so will the sound of their little tiny feet running to grab a hug and kiss from their most favorite person on earth (equal only to their love of their daddy!). Please call and see what their Tutu is doing on those crazy days. Maybe I can lend a helping hand and shoulder.