Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little laughter...

Ok...some really sad days have come to our house over the last week or so. However, in this house...there is always laughter, even when we mourn. Big Brownie can pull out some real zingers. We have had them on a slightly earlier schedule for the last couple of days. Both Brownies have been up and at 'em by 7a. This is a stretch from the normal of 9a sometimes 10a. With 7a wake-up calls, comes 11:30a nap times. Again...a stretch from the 2p normal. And finally bedtime, which can range literally from 8:45p to 11:30p depending on our day.

Tonight, early bedtimes. Little Brownie was so tired at 6:30p, I thought he was just gonna lay down on my chest and close his eyes. I rushed to "tickles and giggles" to bring him back to an aroused state for another hour. He was out like a light at 7:45p. Since we have had so much going on this weekend, Big Brownie has been requesting me to rock him in the chair and sing to him as opposed to our normal nighttime routine. A request I welcomed and obliged. By 8:15p, completely asleep, with binkie falling out of his mouth and snoring. I laid him down in his bed, kissed his head and tiptoed out of his room. At 8:20p, a creak in the floor and out pops Big Brownie..."Mommy, I can't find my blue binkie!" I hustled him back to his bed, found his binkie and kissed him again. That child did not go back to sleep until 9:30p! He creeped out of his room once...BUCK NAKED! I asked him where his pajamas were. He crouched down on the floor and looked under my bed, then stood up and threw his hands in the air. He said, "I don't know, they fell off and now I can't find them." So off to bed he finally went, with pajamas ON, at least for now.

Little Brownie is certainly entertaining all by himself. He is a book worm to say the least. His new thing is to read only books that have "Hippos" in them. This absolutely narrows our book selection. Big Brownie will bring a book that he wants us to read and Little Brownie will throw it across the floor. His vocabulary seems to be expanding over night. He can shake his head "no" and actually does mean "no". Instead of nodding his head "yes", he'll say, "uh-huh" when something is acceptable. We watch Noggin on television and when Moose and Zee sings a song, he will stop everything, clap his hands in a pretty steady rhythm and stomp his feet. If I'm not in the room, he'll run to me, grab my hand and lead me to the television to sing and dance with him. He has the cutest smile. Currently 4 front top teeth, 3 bottom lower teeth (which looks quite funny) and a SLUE of molars coming in.

We enjoyed an all out crafty, sugar high, awesome birthday party with a friend this weekend. A much needed distraction for everyone and a chance to get out of the house and enjoy some good friends and fellowship. I say, the host, maybe one of the most creative individuals I know. An outdoor craft party was planned and when it rained, she adjusted and made such fun alternative indoor crafts. When my outdoor parties have been rained on, we simply rescheduled the party. She inspires me to be more creative and we had a BLAST. Water-gun painting in the bathroom shower, fruit loop bracelet making and icing a cake (more like eating all the icing, sprinkles and candy to be used for decorating, then maybe, just maybe the cake). The Brownies were so tired after we left the party, we were afraid to come straight home thinking they would crash. So, we went to the store and bought a new coffee maker for me and Daddy Brown. We brought everyone home, made and fed supper, quick bath time and off to bed the Brownies went without so much as a peep.

With early bedtimes, a welcomed surprise...Daddy Brown and I have some quiet time to ourselves. I asked him yesterday, "So do you think this is why other parents put their kids to bed so early?" This extra quiet time with Daddy Brown was so needed with what has been going. It gave Daddy Brown and I a chance to talk, comfort and love on each other this weekend. I can't say it enough, I love my husband. He knows me inside and out. He can tell when my mood changes and he adjusts accordingly. This morning, I let him sleep in so he could catch up on his rest. When naptime commenced, we laid down for a nap ourselves and he let me sleep in a little to catch up on mine. The best feeling this weekend...his touch. He rubbed my face, wiped my tears, held me close and with that, each day has been better then the day before. I love my family, even one member shy, we made it through this very difficult weekend through tears, heartache and most importantly...a little laughter.

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almost five said...

I just love you, Mama Brown. Thank you!

May your heart continue to be comforted with laughter and many hugs from your boys!