Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old man winter...

We had great expectations of some really big snow today. We went to the store yesterday to get the usual...milk, bread, eggs, etc. All the schools closed yesterday before the snow had even arrived. I went to sleep thinking how exciting today was going to be. Getting the Brownies out playing in the snow and building a small snowman in the backyard.

Big Brownie woke up this morning at 5:30a to get a refill of his juice. I ran downstairs to look out the window and see our big snow event of the new year. I felt just like I did when I was a kid and hoping for enough snow for school to be out and sledding to be the main activity of the day. I opened the window...BUMMED!!! It was a bust! The weatherman's prediction of 2-4 inches dwindled down to a dusting for us. It has snowed most of the day, but no real accumulation. The Brownies and I have watched the snow fall and at times, 1/2 an inch would pile up on the porch and I'd get excited again...but then I'd come back 30 minutes later...melted.

Even though there is no snow...IT IS COLD!!! The coldest January so far that I can remember. I don't usually like to go to bed with more than just my night shirt, but now, I'm draped with long sleeved thermal shirt or two, sweat pants and socks. Daddy Brown doesn't go to my extreme, but knows that if he gets cold, he can just snuggle up next to me and warm up pretty quickly. We have never kept the house below 69 or 70 degrees during the winter. For two reasons, we now run the thermostat at around 64-66 degrees day and night. First, the obvious of the electric bill is skyrocketing. Secondly, the unit would never turn off if I kept it much higher than 66 degrees. I don't want to burn it out and if it never turns off, that makes for an even higher bill.

We have adjusted well. Long sleeves, long pants, socks are our wardrobe inside everyday. Warm foods and beverages are also on the menu to help keep ourselves warm and toasty. As weird as it may sound, I have really enjoyed having the temperature lower. Lots more cuddling and snuggling with my Brownies and with Daddy Brown...and who can argue with that? Old man winter is here, I just wish we could get a little more SNOW with the cold!

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