Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sane Saturday...

Is it my birthday? No. Is it Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or my Wedding Anniversary? No, No and No. I usually don't get much consistent sleep at night. I get about 2 maybe 3 hour stretches of rest before one of the Brownies is up and needs some attending...diaper change, bottle, lost binkie, etc. Last night was much the same. Little Brownie slept all night, but Big Brownie was up 2 times...2a, 4:45a and then ready for his day at 7a. I'll add he didn't fall asleep until 10:15p, although we put him in the bed at 8:30p.

I went through my same rhetoric as every other morning..."I'll turn the television on and you can watch one of your shows". Desperately hoping for another 30 minutes of rest. To my surprise, Daddy Brown popped his head up and told Big Brownie that once he showered, he would get up with him to play. I fell back to sleep and the next thing I knew, Daddy Brown was sneaking in our room to ask me a question about Little Brownie. I told him, "I'll get up to help". Daddy Brown told me to go back to sleep...which I did. Big Brownie came in once to tell me he had a BIG POOPY! I asked him if Daddy Brown had changed it and he began to go into details. I asked Big Brownie if I could sleep a little longer and he said, "Ok Mama, you get some rest...I love you!"

Sound asleep I fell until Daddy Brown came in and gently rubbed my face. I opened my eyes and he said, "I thought you might want to come down and see the boys before nap-time". "Nap-time? What time is it?" I asked. "Oh it's almost 1 o'clock." he said. "WHAT? Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" I began apologizing. Daddy Brown was so cool and calm. I came downstairs and everyone was playing nicely and happy to see me. Big Brownie asked me, "How was your sleep, Mama? Are you rested?" I told him, "Yes baby, Mama is very well rested."

How lucky am I to have a sweet, precious husband that let me sleep in today. Not for any reason, just because. It reminds me to do something special for someone you love and care for...just because. Not because you have been asked or nagged to do it. Just do something unexpected and with a giving and willing heart. I have the most miraculous husband. The day is half over, the boys are in bed, Daddy Brown is napping and Sissy is snoring on the floor. What a wonderful treat of a Saturday and a great gift from my hubby!

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almost five said...

What a wonderful husband and daddy! So glad you got the sleep you deserve... and all the lovin' when you woke up.

Hope you guys are doing well!!