Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 kid meals please...

Over the last few days, I just haven't felt like myself. Partly missing my Bubba, the other is that we are waiting to hear from the vet about Sissy. She has been having some issues of her own and we are hoping for the best, but anticipating the worst. Sissy has been a little blue as well.

Since Bubba's no longer with us, it hurts my heart to leave Sissy all alone in the house by herself. Today, I needed to run some medicine to Aunt Fudge's house and then to Publix to pick up a few items. As I'm putting shoes on the Brownies, Sissy stands in the background looking at me. I remembered how much she loves to go for rides in the car. Bubba always hated the car, so we didn't take them riding that often. I got her leash, strapped it on and headed to the car. Big Brownie asked, "Mama, is Sissy going to ride in the car with us? Can I hold her in my lap...PLEASE?"

I opened the door and in she jumped...Shotgun Sissy. Panting and nub just a working, she was so excited to go with us. As we began our trip, she sat down looking forward as if she were a person. I cracked her window open and her little nose stuck out just enough for her to get a good sniff of cows, horses, hay and everything else in the wind. We went to Aunt Fudge's house, then to Publix. She was not thrilled when I got back from leaving her in the car. But then...something that blew her mind away. We went to the Burger King drive-thru. Oh the excitement! I got Sissy her own kids meal. HEAVEN! She was so good. The Brownies kept calling out her name and talking to her, but her eyes were focused 100% on me and my precious brown paper sack.

She had a cheeseburger and fries. The boys got to have her toy. She has been stuck to me like glue. Wherever I go, she is no further than 3 steps behind me. At night, I spend a little extra time with her after everyone has gone to bed, rubbing her head and talking to her. I hope she knows how much we love her too. The Brownies and Daddy Brown have been giving her a few extra pats on her back and rubs on her head. At naptime and nighttime when we are putting the boys to bed, she is on the floor or in the bed as we read books and say our prayers. We are including her more in our family life and she has very little restrictions. Hopefully we will get news from the vet soon and hopefully, it will be good.

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KellyRose said...

So sweet! Poor Sissy. I am so sorry about Bubba. Chloe was seriously depressed when we all lost Banjo!:(