Friday, January 29, 2010

Without a net...

This week has been a mixed bag of adventures. Monday, Aunt Berry and I drove to Atlanta for a rode trip to IKEA. I seriously could have done some damage there. My first experience and I was like a kid in a candy store. Because I have a compulsive personality, I knew I needed to have a control. So, I only brought $50 cash to spend. I efficiently used each dollar to the max. An art easel with paper roll $19.99, 2 baby stools for $3.99 each, etc. Aunt Berry purchased an entire bedroom suite, bed, 2 chest of drawers, and 2 nightstands for $550. What a deal! Tuesday, went to Hobby Lobby with Aunt Apple and the Brownies. LOVE ME SOME HOBBY LOBBY!!! After naptime, our sweet little nephew Peanut Butter Fudge came over to play with the Brownies. They had a blast!

Wednesday, we visited with my Grandmother and Aunt. The Brownies enjoyed running around eating cookies and biscuits...I know an odd combination, but they loved it. Yesterday, we visited a friend and her new 1st born son. Big Brownie wanted to hold him and to my surprise, Little Brownie didn't have a care in the world that I was holding a little one. After leaving, the Brownies napped in the car and once they woke, we had a snack and went to the park to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. We were the only ones there, but we had a great time. Cold as the dickens, but that didn't keep the Brownies from running from slide to slide having a blast.

So, now here we are on Friday morning and it is actually snowing outside. We are so excited! We have also began a new adventure with Big Brownie...potty training. I have a friend that has a little boy about the same age as Big Brownie. After talking to her this week, she shared her success in potty training her son. A new approach I had never heard of previously. NO DIAPER AT ALL...ALL WEEKEND! I know, very scary, but worth a try. Big Brownie is running around the house with nothing on from the waist down. This has created an unexpected reaction from Little Brownie...inspection of his own manhood. We have had 2 successful uses of the potty so far this morning. Conversation hearts are the treat of choice for a successful deposit. We are ready for the challenge and here on one of the coldest weekends of the month, have turned the heater up to a balmy 70 degrees to keep his little toochy warm. Keep us in your prayers as we go through this weekend without a net!

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almost five said...

Okay, I'll try not to be jealous... but we seriously wanted to head to Ikea this weekend!! I had it all envisioned and everything as we're about to transition two of the girls to the same room and I needed some inexpensive things to make the most room for our buck.

Alas, Daddy has a big project due Mon. and then all this glorious white stuff... oh well, at least he gets to work from home! :)

But, oh, the irony!!! You got to live my dream. :)

Good luck with the potty training... he's not even wearing one to bed? You are brave and if it works, that will be grand. We've made to everything but nighttime training 'round here... so, if you make it happen... I'm totally coming over to pick your brain. Haha! Go Big B, go!! Literally!

Okay, now to end the longest comment ever... :) Miss you! Let's do another lunch date sometime soon or something??