Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where oh where have my Brownies gone?

So, with the new year has brought new challenges. Each day has been what seems a repeat of the day before...a bit like the movie Groundhog Day. Big Brownie is testing his limits and pushing me a little harder each day. The innocent, compliant toddler that was here in 2009, has been replaced with a strong will, stubborn, can't hear me, won't do what is asked toddler of 2010. Is it the terrible 2's or the terrible 3's...or both? He has decided that he can also give direction. I think my favorites are, "Mama, shhhh...be quiet" and "I'm not eating breakfast" or the "I'm not taking a bath, I'm clean". Seriously, where did all this come from?

It's tough love for Little Brownie too. He is feeling out his place. I love that my Brownies love books, but Little Brownie can take it to the extreme. From the moment he gets up, to the time he goes to bed, he is following me around with a book in his hand saying, "BOOK". We have story time at least 3 or 10 times a days, but that simply doesn't satisfy his need to read all 100+ books we have in this house. However, he is a fantastic eater. He is taking control of his food and wants to do it on his own. His absolute favorite food is homemade chicken and dumplings. He can eat almost as much as me.

My Brownies are outdoors kinda kids. If we could be outside from dawn to dusk, they would be in hog heaven. I think being indoors for the winter months are going to be a tough go for us. I am hoping to introduce some new interesting activities over the next couple of days. I am hoping for some sanity and normalcy back in my schedule as well. Because both Brownies are teething, they are both up and down throughout the nights, so I'm running low on my sleep tank as it is.

Even when I have been having some tough days, "Mommy, Mommy" is the most beautiful sound I hear. There are great moments too. Last night Daddy Brown and I put mounds of pillows around Big Brownies bed, and it was an at-home JumpZone experience. Brownies jumping end over end, flopping off sideways and the laughter, oh the laughter. The uncontrollable giggles of the Brownies fills my spirit with happiness. Putting Little Brownie to bed is one of my favorite times of the day. Not for the obvious reason of a sleeping baby, but because he wraps his arms around me so tightly and puts his little head in my neck and waits for me to kiss his cheek as he drifts off to sleep. It's pure heaven. Tough days, sleepless nights...but wouldn't want to be anywhere else...most days!

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almost five said...

What a true, true post! I've been emotional all day, overwhelmed with the love and challenges that this amazing calling offers. But knowing full well I just couldn't imagine my life without their sweet faces and voices and, oh yes, those beautiful giggles!

Soon as we recover the healthy streak we had over Christmas... get those boys over here! We'll fill the room with pillows and let them jump and run and holler to their heart's delight!

Been too long! :)