Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mom...the Medicine Woman

Yesterday, the Brownies and I went to visit Tutu Nani for a few minutes and we had such a good time, we ended up visiting for a couple of hours. When we left, Little Brownie fell asleep on the way home. I drove around to allow Little Brownie to rest and in hopes that Big Brownie would also fall asleep, but he was a nap holdout. Once Little Brownie woke, Big Brownie was starting to get really cranky so rather than coming home and dealing with cranky Brownie, we went to our favorite store, Super Target to look at the Christmas lights and get some milk. We spent about an hour and Big Brownie got his second wind. We came home and started watching the movie "Up" that Tutu Nani let us borrow. The Brownies were really enjoying their first full-length feature film at home and it gave Daddy Brown and I a chance to catch up on our day.

Daddy Brown has not been feeling well the last couple of days due to sinuses, so I have been trying to step up my evenings as Super Mom and allow him to rest and relax as best he can. About 7:30p, Little Brownie was done, done, done. He wanted his bottle of milk, a fresh diaper and his bed. I was happy to oblige this request. Big Brownie was now on his third wind and I could tell he was running on fumes. We kissed Daddy Brown good night and went upstairs to read 3 new books, say our prayers, sing our nighttime songs and off to sleep...this is not what occurred!!!

I put Big Brownies pj's on, I began to read his 1st book, Roar with a Snore. All the while asking me for a snack, which we had, and his juice. I reminded him where his snack and juice the bed. His response, "Oh, Oh right". We moved to our second new book, God gave us Christmas, and we began to really lose interest and began jumping on his bed instead. My temperature begins to rise as this is supposed to be our quiet night time routine. I ask him to sit down. We finish this book and go to our last book, Fancy Nancy. He was just done by this time and begins jumping off the bed and bumps his head on the side of the "soft" mattress. It was on from then on.

I kissed his head and it was "all better", as per Big Brownie. I laid him down, turned off the lights and laid down with him. We said our prayers and I began singing his favorite 3 bedtime songs...Hawaiian like me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Out like a light or so I thought. I tiptoed out of his room and into bed. Daddy Brown and I were watching a movie and we hear Big Brownie screaming, "I want to hold you"...translation "please come hold me". I spring from the bed and into his room. I lay down and put my arms around him. Back to sleep he went. I tiptoed out again, and a few minutes later, the same thing. So, I asked him if he wanted me to sleep in his bed with him. "Um-hum" was his reply.

As we finally get into our sleeping positions and as I kiss his head, cheeks and hands, I became curious...what does the Good Lord put in a Mother's kiss that can heal almost all wounds? The warmth of my hand that makes him know I'm there. What security does the Lord give to little ones that cry out for their Moms and Dads and they know and rely on us as parents to heal their "boo-boo's"? The assurance that we are here for them and that our kisses can "make it all better". As Big Brownie drifts off to sleep, I kissed his head one more time and in his sleepy voice, "thank you for helping me fix my boo-boo". I told him, "You're welcome and I love you." He replies, "I love you too Mommy".

As I lay there, I began to pray for all the blessings in my life. I thank him that I can hear these words from my Brownie. I thank him for giving me such wonderful Brownies, even when they aren't so wonderful. It reminds me to be thankful that Jesus died on the cross for our wounds and this heals us everyday. It reminds me that we truly are made in the image of him, and when we are less than favorable children to him, he will kiss us and make it all better. Finally, I thank him for giving me the special medicine of a kiss and that it can seemingly heal all wounds.

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