Thursday, November 19, 2009

"T.G.I.T."...Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!!

The last couple of nights the Brownies have been suffering from runny noses and nasal congestion. This has caused a few interruptions of Mama Brown's sleep. And if you know me, you know, I LOVE MY SLEEP!!! The runny noses seem to be nothing more than the seasonal changes. In the midst of this, I have tried to remain positive and thankful. So this post is dedicated to all things awesome.

Today, the Brownies and I ventured out into the day to run an errand. We ended up at the Super Target to pick up a few ingredients for Taco Soup. As soon as we walk in, Big Brownie begins negotiating when we can go see the Christmas lights. He loves to see all the Christmas decorations and it is truly like kryptonite to Big Brownie. I explain that once we had picked up all our items, we can visit the light area. He begins to rattle off my shopping list..."paper towels, milk, orange juice, cheese...are we done Mommy?" Once we are done, we head to the Christmas light section, I allow him out of the buggy and watch as his eyes light up so wonderfully. He watches the trains go round and round, the reindeer heads move, Santa wave, etc. It makes me smile to see his excitement in the little joys of life.

When we say grace at the table before our meal, we have always recited the same prayer..."God is Great, God is Good, Let us thank him for our food, In Jesus name we pray, Amen." At the end Big Brownie has always been allowed to conclude our prayer with the "Amen". He is now able to recite the prayer by heart and that makes my heart sing. Little Brownie understands when we say, "Let's pray", this means to put your hands together. This week, Little Brownie has figured out there is a part for the littlest Brownie in the family. As we concluded our prayer, he exclaimed "AAAAAMMMMEEENNNN!" I choked back the tears and we all said "YAY!". He smiled back at me knowing that I was so proud of him.

Today, I have officially completed 4 loads of laundry and have like 40 more, not really. However, I opened the door of the garage to see if Daddy Brown had any laundry to be washed. I took my first step, second step and third step down the stairs and noticed a small movement out of the corner of my eye. In a mason jar at the bottom of the steps, a small mouse was stuck. I am 100% sure I scared him as much as he scared me. He ran circles in the jar and finally jumped out and ran under the steps. I ran back in to the house and to the phone. I stepped on a brown leaf on the floor and it crunched under my foot and I jumped again. I called Daddy Brown and told him of our little visitor in the garage. I'm thankful for a husband that can do the honey-do's and does them without complaining. I love the Disney movie "Ratatouille", but that is as close of a relationship I want to have to our furry friends.

I love to see the Brownies beginning to really interact with each other. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometime not so good. Last night for instance, Big Brownie wanted some Fruity Peebles cereal as a snack. I put some in a baggy and told him to sit on the couch in the living room to eat it. Daddy Brown and I were distracted until we heard sounds of glee coming from the living room. Big Brownie and Little Brownie were throwing Fruity Peebles in the air as if they were playing in leaves outside. I know I should have stopped them from making a mess, but what is life with a mess...besides, what the dogs didn't devour after bedtime commenced, I vacuumed up this morning.

Later in the evening, Big Brownie was done playing with Little Brownie, but Little Brownie wanted to do everything Big Brownie was doing. Big Brownie finally told him "NO" and pushed him down. I nearly had a come-apart. I can handle most anything, but physical altercations are the line in the sand. After a good talking to, a time out, an apology and a hug, we were all one big happy family again.

I'm also thankful that it is Thursday and it is a BEAUTIFUL day outside. I love the sunshine and the Good Lord knew that I needed it today.

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Anonymous said...

I love the positive side of our lives! Your family always brings us smiles and giggles! Hug the Brownies for me! My addition to your Thursday Happy is...I'm enjoying watching the construction crew work on my basement and I don't even mind that they are ripping up my yard! The fact that in 2 more weeks, I'll never have to deal with a wet basement again, makes my heart sing and my face to hurt from all my smiles! It is in fact a HAPPY Thursday on Tutu and Papa alley!