Monday, April 5, 2010

He has RISEN Indeed!

What a great Easter holiday weekend we had. It doesn't get much better than coming together to celebrate the Lord resurrection over good food, good weather, good conversation and awesome family and friends. Aunt Fudge and I had decided to make a Hill of Calvary for Easter Sunday. I was not sure mine was going to turn out, but I think it was perfect.

I had great expectation of making a Faith Cake for dessert on Easter Sunday. Once I surveyed my time Saturday night at 8:30p, I decided on a new strategy. I decided to make cake pops. I planned to use a styrofoam wreath covered in fresh flowers. I woke up early on Easter morning and began assembling my cake pops. They are much harder than I anticipated. After about 2 hours, 1 broke styrofoam wreath and a little desperation...I decided my Hill of Calvary would be handy. It served as my back drop for my dessert for Easter at Aunt Fudge's house. As I stepped back and looked at my dessert...I was pleased. I regrouped and repaired my styrofoam wreath, added fresh flowers from my yard, and it too looked great. Although I didn't get a picture before we left as we were rushing out the door. I think my Mom got a couple of great pictures with my Grandmother.

We have talked and talked and talked about Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. Big Brownie called our Hill of Calvary..."Jesus' dirt". It was so cute as we watered it each morning, I would talk to him about Jesus and how he died on the cross for him. As we watered, he would ask, "You mean Jesus...that is up in heaven with Bubba?" I told him about the tomb that Jesus was buried in. He said, "Oh wow Mom, they put Jesus in a big, dark cave? Was it cold? Was he alone?" I told him, "Yes, it was dark, but that he had died and so he could not feel that it was cold. And that most definitely, he was not alone. Just as we are NEVER alone. That we always have Jesus inside of our hearts." He looked up at me and said, "Jesus is in my heart and I love him. Please tell Jesus to come here so I can give him a BIG hug." I told him, "Jesus is always with us in our heart and that if he closed his eyes real tight, he could give Jesus a big hug." It's so precious the associations he makes as he gets older and how he processes our conversations.

We had a wonderful time at Aunt Fudge's house. The food was impeccable. We missed our Gran Gran and Pops as they were visiting with family in from out of town. We continue to pray for our Gran Gran and Pops in this time and for our Uncle as he is likely in his final days. We headed to Mammy and Aunt Basil's house next and the boys were so excited to go to "another party". We visited, ate fabulous food and enjoyed being with each other. It was a blessed day with perfect weather. Yes indeed, he has RISEN!

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