Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can it be a "Say What Thursday"?

We have been so busy with Springtime that it would make your tail spin. Last week, we ventured to see donkey's, mule's and "horseeeee's" (as Little Brownie calls them) at the local annual festival. The boys had a great time. Tutu Nani and Aunt Apple went with us to join in the fun. One mule in particular was very vocal. He let out a huge "HEEE-HAWWW" and the boys jumped up into mine and Tutu Nani's arms. Big Brownie said, "Mama, he is going to get me!" I assured him that he was not. We walked around touched the animals. They had a blast. Before we left, we had the traditional foods of the festival...funnel cake, lemonade and PORK RINDS! Lord have mercy the arteries are clogging up again just thinking about the yummy-ness.

The following day, on a whim, I called Tutu Nani and asked if she wanted to go to the city Zoo. Oh what fun we had. The boys saw two blue Macaw's, giraffes, elephants, red pandas and more. The boys LOVED the merry-go-round and dippin' dots. What fun we had! I'll post some pictures soon! are a few "Say What" moments from the last couple of weeks...

I decided after Big Brownie was just full of himself this past Monday night that I was DONE with the binkie. Makes me most Mom and Dad's have a moment where they are so done with the attitude and whining that they do something drastic to get their attention? Is that how most children lose the "binkie" privilege? So, right before bed and after having one of those days, I pulled the Binkie from Big Brownies mouth and I proceeded to tell him he was a big boy. He looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm not big, I'm little like brother and I need my binkie!" I told him he was a big boy and that big boys don't use binkies. The night didn't proceed well from that point. We read books, we prayed and then we sang songs. As I left the room, I think Big Brownie still thought this was a joke. He asked one more time, "May I have my binkie?" Holding firm, I said, "No, you are a big boy and big boys don't use binkies." Well, let the crying begin. Now, if Big Brownie knew cuss words, he certainly would have exclaimed them in his disagreement. He came out of his room crying and I told him to get back in bed. He went back into his room and sat against his door. As he was crying he yelled, "Mama, doesn't want me! Mama doesn't want to hold me! She doesn't want me to have a binkie! I'll just go up into heaven with Baby Jesus and Bubba and Sissy! They will give me a binkie" After a few more giggles, Daddy Brown went in, sang to him and held him. Fast to sleep they both fell. It has been a struggle, but with exception of 1 weak moment in the car, and another moment that Little Brownie decided to share his binkie with Big Brownie, we have been binkie-free.

Big Brownie loves to leave the house for our outings. If there is somewhere he wants to go, i.e., Tutu Nani or Gran Gran's house, he will tell me this..."Mama, where are we going today?" I usually say something like, "We are not going anywhere today" or "We are going to the store." He will say, "Oh, did you know that Tutu Nani wants me?" or "I haven't seen Gran Gran in a LONG time and I know she wants me." He cracks me up with the things he comes up.

Last week I was making cupcakes for dessert. I asked Daddy Brown to keep everyone out of the kitchen because I'm always worried someone is going to get hurt or burned while I'm cooking supper. Little Brownie was sitting on the couch with Daddy Brown and they were watching one of their new VHS movies from Easter. I started the mixer and it made a really loud sound. Little Brownie jumped up into Daddy Brown's lap, got within an inch of his nose and said, "WHAT DAT SOOOOUUUNNNDDDD?" It was so funny! Daddy Brown couldn't contain himself. Every time I turned it on, "WHAT DAT SOUND!"

Yesterday we ended up having our naps in the car. This presents a certain level or crumpyness when the Brownies wake up. Most of the time I can convince them that playing in the backyard is awesome and they get excited and the crumpyness melts away. Well, this was not really the case yesterday. Once they got out of the car, I tried working my magic. My magic wand was a running low on fairy dust, so I got out the lawn mower. I cranked it up and Little Brownie wasn't sure this was okay. Big Brownie came running and jumped on the floor board. Little Brownie jumped up into my arms and with fists clinched tightly to my shirt, we started slowly down the yard. Little Brownie looked up at me and said, "WHEEEEE!"

So, if you keep up with our family, you know we lost our Sissy girl this past Saturday. Tutu Nani watched the boys for us for the day so we could take Sissy to the vet, bring her home and then have a little bit of grieving time before the boys came home. The boys came home and Tutu had already fed them and it was about bedtime. Of course...NO ONE WANTED TO GO TO BED! Big Brownie wanted to watch a video, Little Brownie wanted to play. Because we are a mostly, "roll-with-it" kinda family, we let them stay up and play. Big Brownie looked around and asked about Sissy. We told him that she was in heaven with Bubba and Baby Jesus. Little Brownie still asks about Sissy every morning when he comes downstairs from bed. He says, "Sissy, where are you?" It's adorable...but i digress. So, as we are trying to round up the troops for bed, Little Brownie is wound up tighter than an ant on a hot tin roof. We told him to head upstairs. We have this riding horse setup in the living room. He has a current infatuation with horses and all things related to a farm. He jumps on the horse and starts bucking like a bronco. Twirling around, bouncing up and down and then begins to yell, "YEE-HAW! YEE-HAW!" Daddy Brown and I couldn't contain the laughter. It was priceless and a good giggle for the end of a tough day.

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