Sunday, April 18, 2010

Loving the ZOO...

Oh my goodness, could the Good Lord deliver weather any more perfect than the past couple of weeks? I think I specially ordered sunshine, a light breeze and an occasional cloud cover. What a treat for us to get out of the house and enjoy the sun. It helps to have a nice big backyard with many "adventures" waiting for us. The Brownies and I have also ventured out of the house. We have made 2 trips to the big city zoo. The boys LOVE to go to the zoo. Thanks to Tutu Nani for providing us the annual membership.

Our first adventure was with Tutu Nani and the boys were so excited to see the elephants, giraffe, cougars, tigers, panda and the blue macaw. For it being our first trip, they were real troopers. Big Brownie loves to push and pull just about anything. Tutu Nani brought a small suitcase on wheels to pack our essentials. Big Brownie pulled that suitcase through the ENTIRE zoo. We were there for at least 5-6 hours and he did not tire. Little Brownie rode in the stroller as we went from exhibit to exhibit. He fussed a little bit about having to get in and out of the stroller, but as long as Tutu Nani was there, he was just fine. We rode the merry-go-round and had some...oh so yummy dippin' dots. Big Brownie got to pee-pee in the grass because nature called and we were too far from the bathroom. With a smile, the park employee assured me she wouldn't tell and that she didn't see a thing.

This past Friday, we went again. This time, with our friends from down the street. Two of the sweetest girls and their sweet prego mama. She is 35 weeks pregnant and trucked up and down those hills like an athlete. This time around, the Brownies knew what to expect. I borrowed Tutu-Nani's small suitcase, anticipating Big Brownie would ask to pull it. And just like the week before, he pulled that suitcase all over the entire zoo. The kids had a blast and I enjoyed some adult conversation. We had another perfect adventure at the zoo. As we were leaving the zoo, Big Brownie asked to see the blue macaw one last time. As we strolled to them before exiting the zoo, he asked to sing them a song. Once again, he belted out his favorite tune, Hawaiian like me, although I had the pleasure of singing with him. As the patrons walked by, Big Brownie didn't stop singing to the 3 blue macaw. I might have softened my voice just a tad, because we were both a little off key. He told them goodbye and that we would see them again next time. So precious. The Lord has blessed me with a gentle and tender-hearted young man. As we walked though the parking lot to the car, we got within 50 feet of the car and I looked back at Big Brownie. He was struggling to the car with his suitcase. He said, "Mom, I'm too tired, I can't pull it any longer." Well, after 6 hours of pulling that suitcase full of snacks and beverages, I'd be tired too. We got in the car and within 2 minutes, out like a light.

I hope we continue to have some of this wonderful season of Spring. Many more adventures to be had and many more places to explore. Most of these pictures were taken either by my sweet mom or by our sweet friend.

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FarmWife said...

I so wish we had a zoo closer to us. I adore the zoo & the kids could spend hours watching the lemurs & otters.

I love the pictures of you & your brownies! So sweet!