Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What did we do...

It amazes me...the technology we have available today. I vividly remember life before cell phones, computers, laptops, DVD players, ipods...and the list goes on and on. I remember when we got our first VHS player, our first DVD player, our first Nintendo (Atari prior to that), I remember watching my dad put a computer together using parts from radio shack and using 5 1/4 inch diskettes to save data. The Lord continues to bless us all with genius minds to create new and abundant technologies. I can't even imagine in 30 years, what my kids will remember as their firsts. Tonight, while on the internet, it makes me smile to know that when I was a kid, to complete my assignments, I had to actually go to the library and do research.

We have video monitors to view our Brownies in their bedrooms. I sit downstairs and have a watchful eye and ear on their every move, while they sleep upstairs in their rooms. I stare most nights and watch them sleep. What a luxury I have to be able to view their every move, hear their every breathe and watch as they peacefully sleep like the sweet babies they are. What did we do before we had such amenities? I remember my mom coming in my room, sometimes several times a night, to check on me. She needed the same security in knowing we were safe, asleep and without need. I have that ability, without having to venture all over the house. Such blessings and luxuries we have these days.

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Team Martins said...

I know just what you mean! It's unbelievable, huh? Hope sat down with a pen the other day to write an "email" to an auntie! :)

Thanks again for Tues.!! I have the little gift of y'alls here... we might stroll down later and leave it on your front porch.

Hugs to your brownies.