Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting it done...

Since quitting my job to be a stay at home mom, my basic daily decisions entail a variety ranging from what will we have for breakfast to...whose laundry will I wash today, the Brownies laundry or the whites (you get the idea). This is a big change from the responsibilities I had as Director of Operations of a multi-million dollar company. In that position, I had a commanding voice.

Last week I had an "incident" with our local bank that I was very displeased about. I went in and discussed my "incident" with the local branch, talked with the Vice President and was not satisfied with the answers that I received. I left the bank with steam bellowing from my ears and a few choice words rolling around in my head, but refrained as I’m trying to be the new mellow version of myself. However, as the day went on, the business workaholic from my pre-mommy state began to emerge. I kept saying, it just isn’t right, they are stealing from us and I don’t like it. So, I emailed the headquarter office and asked for the address and telephone number of the President and CEO of the bank. The kind customer service representative emailed me promptly and asked if she could help me. I shared with her my issue and she kindly gave me the information I requested. She also gave me the Vice President’s supervisor information to voice my concern first and go through the proper chain of command.

Instead of writing an email or picking up the phone, I decided to go the old fashion route and put pen to paper and write a letter. With the Labor Day holiday approaching and the knowledge that the bank would be closed for a few days, I thought I would give it a week and follow-up with the supervisor. Today, one week from the date of my letter, not only did my “incident” get resolved in a favorable fashion, but I received a friendly call from my local branch Vice President.

It goes to show that when you take a stand against something that you know is not right, you should fight for it…it is worth it. Even if in the end, you don’t get the favorable result as I did, you made the effort. Never discount the power of a letter with postage and mailed the old fashion way, and the change you can affect in doing the right thing. Treating individuals with respect and kindness is always the best route. I could have ripped into the Vice President of the local branch, but that would not have been a good decision on my part. I would not want my Brownies to see me act in such a way. Even at their tender age, I know they would not understand what was going on around them. I want them to see me choosing the right path and making good decisions. Call this one closed and an example of getting it done!!!

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Rachel@AllergenFreePlease said...

That's awesome! Good for you! Most people wouldn't have bothered writing the letter. That has to make you feel good! Glad it got resolved :)