Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a good thing...

Today is the day for celebrating the love of my life's birthday. That's right, Daddy Brown is 34 years young and I believe doesn't look a day over 22. I've blogged about how we met and married and I've blogged about my love for him. Today, I am sharing what he means to me in my life.

I've officially known and loved him for half my life. I vaguely remember a time that he wasn't a part of it and he is happily in most of my memories as an adult. There are times that he's wiped my tears from my face and there are times that we laugh until we cry. He is the most precious and sacred gift that I have been given. Our children are obviously running a close second. However, without him, they would not exist to be exactly as they are.

Daddy Brown provides a moral compass for us as a family. He is the leader of our household and provides an excellent role model for our boys. I remember telling his Mom one day that I was so thankful of the job that she and Pops did in raising such a man. And I remember her words as she said..."He was fathered well." That is such a true statement. Daddy Brown is so very much like his dad. Pops is a good and hardworking man. Pops has "fathered" and taught Daddy Brown how to be a great father to our boys. Yes, Daddy Brown has a lot of characteristics of his parents. Parents that I too am blessed to have as in-laws.

He is an amazing husband. He truly cares about his family and takes care of each and everyone of us. We use the phrase, "take one for the team" quite often. Sometimes, that means he wakes up early and tiptoes out of our room to care for our boys so I can get a few hours of rest, like this past Sunday morning. Or, when he comes home after working all day and cooks supper for our family. Daddy Brown "takes one for the team" because we are a team. We are each others better half and that's what makes us a whole. When we married, we didn't just become one in the eyes of God, we became one in the eyes of each other. We respect and love each other even through our daily tasks. The Good Lord truly designed him to fit me perfectly. No, we don't have a perfect life, but it feels as perfect as it could possibly be.

As we have entered into our thirties, it is funny to feel the years go by as we see time through our children. We hear ourselves make statements like, "Do you remember when..." and we fondly remember trips and special moments with each other. We talk about our future and what is to come. We discuss the future of our boys and our future after the boys are all grown up. There will be a time when our boys will have families of their own and then it will be just the two of us again. I love Daddy Brown with every fiber in my body. Certainly not everyday is a walk in the park. However, to know that I have someone to stroll through that park everyday, come rain or shine, is a good feeling.

I can't tell him "Thank you" enough. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for helping make me be who I am. Thank you for our boys and thank you for our life. To feel your toes in the bed as we sleep, to feel your hand on mine when we pray, to feel your heart next to mine when I'm's a good thing. Happy Birthday to my better half and the love of my life. To the one that helps me rise every morning and to the one that is next to me when I fall asleep at night, I love you.

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almost five said...

Happy, happy birthday Daddy Brown! I know it will be an amazing time with your family who cherishes and adores you!

Hope the boys are feeling better too!

Much Love,
J, K, H, M and Baby G