Friday, March 26, 2010

Rookie Mistake...

So, I've been a parent now for almost 3 years. In a normal job, by the 3rd year, you pretty much have your duties down to a science. Well, some days, I feel like I have this parenting thing down pat. However, some days, I am busy trying to multi-task, and I don't exactly think things through completely. This was the case today.

I have been helping Tutu-Nani today with a state conference she is hosting this weekend. I had to run several errands, meet a friend for lunch, get gas for the car and several other tasks. This past Wednesday, we went to visit Mammy and Aunt Basil, true to form, Aunt Basil always has a treat for the boys ready before we leave. Her gift this visit, a chocolate bunny. The Brownies have been holding and looking and petting their chocolate bunny for 2 days. Big Brownie would ask, "Mom, when can I eat my chocolate bunny?" My response has been, "Well, we will see when we get home." Then, by the time we get home, they have forgotten about the bunny and so have I.

Until today. We were going to be in the car a little more than usual. So, in an absent minded moment, Big Brownie asked me if they could have their bunny. I had to run into Tutu-Nani's house and the fleeting thought of me running in without unloading everyone sounded real appealing. I agreed to allow them to have their bunny, while I ran inside for just a minute. They were so excited. I opened the package, handed out the goods and explained that I would be right back. I was literally gone for 2 minutes and this is what I came back to...

The time saved by leaving everyone in the car while I ran in was busted by the next 10 minutes it took me to clean everyone up. 20 wipes later, we were clean and back on the road. I think I will need a few more years...say 16 or so, to get this job down without making such a rookie mistake.

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