Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leading by example...

I'm sure you have heard the expression, "He's a leader, not a follower" or vice versa. Is it possible to be both? Is it possible to lead others by example, all the while following God's lead and example to us...all at the same time? Being a witness to others and helping them to find faith and be saved in Jesus, is my calling. Walking a path that Jesus laid out for me in complete trust and faith, is my calling. He places the desire to know him in each and everyone of us. It is then up to us, to seek, trust and find him.

This post is somewhat conflicting for me. I'm heartbroken for my sister Aunt Berry. Uncle and Aunt Berry have been through a trying past week. If you read my post back in December, they were on the path to foster and adopt a 17 year old girl. They felt like they were following God's lead and calling to accept this beautiful young lady into their home. They sought her out, broke through the red tape and brought her into our family. We all accepted her into hearts as one of our own with open arms.

Through the last couple of months, things became extremely tense in the household. Everyone in the family began maneuvering to find their place. Sadly, some words were spoken, probably in a fit of anger, from this young girl that made it impossible for her to remain in their home and care. The wheels began to move to have her placed in a new home as soon as possible. She has been moved to hopefully a situation with someone kind and loving to help continue to guide her in a crucial time in her life. Heartbroken doesn't even describe the range of emotion that we as a family are feeling. We all would have loved to continue on this path to enrich and lead this young life in a walk towards Christ.

I continue to pray for her. I continue to care and wonder about her. Sadly though, my sister has become a target of ridicule. People that she doesn't even know have come forth to place judgment upon them for sending her to another home. The fact is, my sister had to protect the 4 children that the Lord blessed them with first and foremost. My sister had to move in a swift manner to make a safe environment for her family, when she felt it had been compromised. These same people that ridicule their decision also call into question their faith and Christianity. Is that fair? Does anyone know what your relationship is with God more so than The Good Lord himself? Does anyone have the right to bring you before judgment and crucify you to others?

The answer is unequivocally...NO! No matter if you feel their decision was right or wrong, my sister and brother-in-law had to make sure their family was safe. They do, to this very minute, still love and care for this young girl. I know for a fact, they wish there had been a different outcome. The old saying of "those who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones" rings a bell. It reminds me to not pass judgment so quickly. It is not ours to judge. And I am certain he does not condone the condemnation of others. Leading by example and following in his path is an extremely difficult thing to do on a daily basis. The road most taken is usually the easier path, but it is not always to right decision. It is easy to place judgment on others and it is easy to say that you would have done things differently. I continue to pray for my sister and brother-in-law through this extremely tough time. I hope they will continue to find comfort in him. I hope and pray they can find closure through this chapter in their life. And, I hope their children will see them leading by example everyday in their decisions and life choices.

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