Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

Just barely getting this in on Wednesday. We have had a busy week and we have absolutely had some great zingers.

While shopping this week, Big Brownie has noticed other patrons entering and exiting the store at the same time as us. Yesterday, we went to Publix. We passed a lady as we were power walking into the store. Big Brownie noticed her right away and his eyes kept darting over to her. As we went down the deli aisle, so did she. We went through the produce section, so did she. Big Brownie was completely aware of his surroundings. He finally grabbed my arm as we went down the dairy aisle. He pulled me close to him as if he were going to tell me a secret. He yells in my ear, "Mama, that woman is following us, please tell her to go away!" Of course, I had noticed the woman, but definitely knew her actions were not of a stalking nature. I told Big Brownie not to worry, she was shopping too, and that he was doing a great job observing others. From that point on, every time we enter or exit a store, he yells, "Mama, is the man (or woman) following us?" I get a lot of snickers when he says it!

Speaking of Publix, while we were there, Big Brownie needed to go to the bathroom. He informed, "I need to pee-pee and I'll be going by myself." I turned to him and said, "Excuse me, since when do you get to go to the bathroom by yourself?" He said, "Oh don't worry Mama, I know exactly where it is and I will definitely wash my hands when I'm done!" Seriously, myself and 3 other lady's that heard our conversation couldn't stop laughing. And as if you didn't already know, he DID NOT go to the bathroom by himself.

This week, Little Brownie upgraded from his high chair to an official place at the table with a booster chair. He thinks he is such a big boy. He comes down in the morning, yells at me, "CHEERIOS" and then runs to his chair at the table. I, of course, can't get the cereal and to him fast enough so he continues to yell, "CHEERIOS, CHEERIOS...HUNGRY MAMA, HUNGRY!"

We went to my Grandmother's "Mammy" house to visit today. My Dad's sister, Aunt Basil, lives with her. As soon as we hit the door, Big Brownie ran inside and started jumping around yelling, "POPSICLE, POPSICLE!" Little Brownie imitated every action and word that Big Brownie spoke. As Aunt Basil went to the get them a Popsicle, Big Brownie turned to Mammy and said, "Mammy, did you know I was coming today?" She said, "Yes, we did know you were coming." He asked, "Did you go to the store today?" She said, "Well, no, we went to the store last week." He looked at her for a second and said, "Oh, did you know I LOVE to eat Popscicles and Animal Crackers and Chips and Cheese and Coke?" She said, "Yes, I do know that you like all of those things and we have all those things in the kitchen." Both of the Brownies eyes got really big and in the background Little Brownie is nodding his head and intently listening to this conversation. As Big Brownie says, "Yum, can I have some please?", Little Brownie yells, "Yes, PWEASE!!!!" It was so cute.

Daddy Brown was in the backyard with the Brownies this past weekend. We have a sweet couple that leaves next door. They are a semi-retired couple and they like to come over and chit-chat at the fence when we are outside. Big Brownie is just like his dad, he can talk to most anybody and for a really long time. Little Brownie said "Hi", but was more interested in digging in the garden and running around. I was inside making supper but was looking out the kitchen window as they we visiting with the neighbors. As they were coming back to the house to come inside to eat, this was the conversation between Big Brownie and Daddy Brown...

He said, "Daddy, thank you for helping me see my Grandpoppy today." Daddy Brown said, "No that wasn't your Grandpoppy, that was our neighbor, Mr. XXX." Big Brownie looked puzzled for a minute and then said, "Oh right, what was the Grandmommy's name?" Daddy Brown almost busted out into giggles as they came on inside and he answered that question for Big Brownie too.

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