Monday, March 22, 2010

Here and there...

Daddy Brown and our little leprechauns found a four leaf clover on St. Patrick's Day this year. I'll confess that we only got out of our pajamas after nap time and I actually forgot it was a holiday until Daddy Brown came home. In my head, I had a whole day planned with green eggs and green biscuits. But the day came and I was on a different station in my brain. To redeem myself, we had broccoli and cheese quiche, green grapes and green beans for supper. I threw together some green cupcakes for dessert. The next day, I did make our green eggs. I used a flat pan to cook them in and made a mound of green eggs pieces with shredded cheese, bacon crumbled and cut up biscuits on top. Big Brownie said we were having a breakfast salad and scarfed it down as quickly as I could make one for Little Brownie. Funny how a little food coloring and creativity can mask a healthy breakfast.

I came downstairs the other day and couldn't find Little Brownie. I called for him over and over. I searched every room and was about to loose my mind. Then, I heard a giggle. I called his name again and I heard another giggle. It felt like I was playing a game of "Marco...Polo" in the pool like when I was a kid. I got my camera ready as I finally zeroed in on his location. As I came around, Little Brownie jumped out and said, "TA DA!" I know my reaction should have been different. I certainly don't want him hiding from me outside of our home and I have a panic attack because I can't find him. But, he is only 18 months old and we will learn that lesson in time I'm sure.

We are LOVING having little Andy. I think even our old girl Sissy has taken a liking to him. He sleeps with her at night and tries to play with her during the day. Andy stuck his head in Sissy's food bowl this morning while she was eating and she didn't bite him, so that's a good sign. Like any puppy, he LOVES to get The Brownies toys and run around. He seems to have taken a liking to..."BINKIE". If one hits the floor, he is on it in record time. If you look real close, you can see that he has one in his mouth in this picture.

We get a lot of aerial activity around here. Most of the time they are military helicopters or life flight. One day there were no fewer than 10 helicopters and it shook the house and was so loud that I actually stepped outside to see what all the commotion was. The Brownies love to wave at them, so last week when we heard the familiar sound, we all looked up and waved. Little Brownie kept yelling..."Earpane, Earpane". And Big Brownie told them to have a good day. It was so sweet. Loving the warmer weather. Just can't wait for it to show up and stay for a while. I'm sure we will be complaining about it being to hot before too long, but the boys are clamoring everyday that it is too cold to go outside. Yesterday in between rain showers, we put on our coats and shoes and ran around for a little bit to burn off some excess energy. Then, it rained again and the Brownies ran back inside. Spring could not get here soon enough!

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