Thursday, December 31, 2009

All by myself...

New Year's Eve has begun and it is an unusual beginning. My mom wanted to spend time with the Brownies and offered to keep them overnight. I knew Big Brownie would be fine, however, I was concerned about Little Brownie. He has never spent the night away from home. He doesn't sleep well except in his own bed. Tutu came to pick them up, I gave out instructions, packed their bags and off they were for a sleepover at Tutu and Papa's house.

Once they left, we turned off the kid TV and the house was silent. A silence that I'm unfamiliar with. When the boys are here, asleep, it is a different kind of quiet. Tiptoeing around the house, phone ringers turned off, usually no television playing so that the Brownies can rest peacefully. Daddy Brown and I really didn't know what to do with ourselves. We are so used to our afternoon routine of Brownies up and down the stairs, books brought to be read, asking for snacks, juice, laughter, crying, running, playing, you know, the normal. We enjoyed an afternoon and evening just the two of us and it was nice. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and chips for dinner. We actually finished all our food without little munchkins eating it all. We watched a few movies, we talked and laughed.

I checked in on Tutu and everyone was doing well. Little Brownie went down without a fight. Big Brownie was a little more challenging, but she worked her Super Tutu powers and he too finally went to sleep. As Daddy Brown and I laid in the bed, we missed our boys. However, for one night, we slept without the baby monitor on. This morning when we woke, we didn't have to whisper, we didn't have to tiptoe and we didn't have to have the television on mute. Daddy Brown has left to ride his mountain bike with Uncle Berry today and I lay here in the bed with my laptop, watching non-kid TV.

Looking forward to my New Year's Eve with my boys tonight, but anxious to get out of the house this morning. I think I can do twice as much stuff since I'm not lugging the boys around with me. Can't wait to get into the car and drive with the radio on and go anywhere I need to without the worry of a meltdown in a store and getting home before nap-time. It has been an unexpected treat. Today, I'm all by myself. A luxury I don't mind having every once in a blue moon. However, I can't wait for all the noise and chaos to return this afternoon. Thanks Tutu Nani!

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