Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's not too late...

This year has really flown by. I can't even tell you how much I feel like I've lived and how quickly 365 days seem to pass. So here I am, on Christmas cheer is abundant. Proud to say Daddy Brown and finally put up our Christmas tree last night. The Brownies were SO excited. When Big Brownie found out we were bringing a Christmas tree inside, he started alternately pumping his fists in the air and saying...AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! and ALRIGHT...OUT OF SIGHT!!! Um, not sure where these tidbits come from, until I hear them come out of my own mouth. There are very few ornaments on our tree, as most of them are glass and breakable. Little Brownie was more interested in attempting to eat the Christmas lights and Big Brownie put little bells on the tree. It was a great night.

I rose early this morning to assess our gifts and see what still needs to be finished. Wrapping paper...check, tape...check, scissors...check! I'm ready to commence the wrapping...then Big Brownie woke up. So, I'll have to wrap with Santa tonight. I finally took down the "Everything is fall" decorations and have put up our Christmas decorations on the mantle. At 8a this morning, Big Brownie and I started decorating outside. I want the Brownies to come home from Gran-Gran and Pops tonight and see the lights outside at our house, like they have seen all season. Now, we had to do our best with what we had available. So, we have garland with white lights on the rails, twinkling red lights on the some shrubs and multi-color lights on other shrubs. Yes, it is very much out of the Clark Griswald book of holiday decorations, but we are okay with that. It is fun and Big Brownie loved it. Daddy Brown came out to assist and towards the end, Big Brownie perched up in one of our trees.

Now, let the baking begin. It really doesn't feel like Christmas unless there are plenty of cookies and treats filling the house with yummy smells. I'm so excited to spend our Christmas with two Brownies that walk, kinda talk and love all things Christmas. Daddy Brown is a good sport for all my craziness, and I love him more and more everyday for that. It's definitely not too late to put up your decorations and enjoy the sweet smiles, giggles and laughs! Merry Christmas Eve to you all.

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