Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sadly today, we have a sick Big Brownie, but yesterday was a blast. Aunt Apple and I left out in the late morning to do a little Christmas shopping and ended up going to see Charlie Brown on ICE at Opry Mills. It was AMAZING! It was also extremely COLD! Our first thought was to let Big Brownie walk and put Little Brownie in the stroller. It was like a scene straight out
of the movie, "A Christmas Story" with how bundled up they were. Not 1, not 2 but 3 layers of coats. I had put on their lightweight jacket plus their super warm down winter coats with hats and gloves.

When we stepped up to go in, the worker looked puzzled and said, "You know it's like 6 degrees and below in there?" I added the parka the facility provided and Big Brownie couldn't even walk. Down he went for a face plant, just like Ralphie's little brother, and he couldn't move, he couldn't get up, he could only cry. So, we put them both in the stroller and covered them up with blankets on top of the 3 layers of outerwear, sweater and turtleneck. I was concerned they would get too hot, until we walked in and the little bit of spit on the corner of my mouth, began to freeze. I realized they were snug as a bug in a rug!

The boys loved it. Little Brownie couldn't move his head in any direction and his arms didn't bend, so we moved them around a lot so they could see all the beautiful ICE carvings. Again, it was AMAZING. Aunt Apple and I had our winter coats on with parka and 2 layers of gloves and were still a bit chilly while in the exhibit. If you get a chance to go, it is open until January 2nd and I would highly recommend going on a week day during the day. We didn't have to wait in a line and it was not crowded. We were able to take pictures without strangers being in them. It is $2 cheaper if you go Monday through Wednesday and I think you can get a $3 off coupon from Wendy's. Children under the age of 4 are free. And the best part is that it didn't take us but about 20 minutes to get through the whole thing.

After we left, we did go to the Cool Springs area and do some Christmas shopping. It was a pleasant day and I'm glad we got to share it with Aunt Apple. May your Wednesday be very merry and bright!

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Anonymous said...

So glad ya'll had a great time! I do remember it being very cold but also very pretty!
Love ya,