Saturday, December 5, 2009

Off to bed...

The last few nights, Big Brownie has been coming out of his room at about 3:30a and making me aware that he is out of juice. I place him back in his bed, get him some juice and then sing him back to sleep. 2 nights in a row, I fell asleep in mid song and before I knew it, Daddy Brown was gone for work and it's time for everyone to wake up.

Yesterday was a big day, which I will share details in a later post. Little Brownie and Daddy Brown had come home early since Little Brownie was having a complete come-apart at dinner out with the family. When Big Brownie and I finally made it home around 10:30p and since we hadn't been home all day, he needed to decompress for a few minutes before we proceeded to bedtime. About 11:30p or so, we began our bedtime routine. The next thing I remember is waking because nature was calling my name. I assumed it was around 1a and realized Big Brownie was already out of juice. Thinking I would refill his cup and go to my own bed, I came downstairs and realized it was 3:30a. By the time I made it back up to Big Brownies room, he was awake and wondering where I had gone.

It is funny that Big Brownie has a full size bed and in that bed, we can fit...myself, Big Brownie, 2 body pillows, my personal pillow and no fewer than 20 stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes. I gave him his juice and he asked me to sing him a song. Now knowing my history of falling asleep with him, I snuggled up next to him and sang us both to sleep. As we are drifting off to sleep, Big Brownie begins to ask me, "Where is my rabbit? Where is my mama duck? Where is my pig?" and we go through the whole list then finally, I say enough. Off to sleep we both go.

This morning, I'm a little stiff. With everything in the bed, I'm literally hanging on the side of the mattress for dear life most of the night. Big Brownie is laying on me, next to me, feet in my back, foot in my ear, hand on my head. He steals my blanket and then throws it off. He nudges under my chin and before I know it, he has taken my pillow. Oh me...I'm praying to sleep in my own bed tonight, with my electric blanket, my 2 soft pillows with peace and quiet in my ears. Hopefully Daddy Brown won't snore...keep your fingers crossed, knock on real wood and pray for Mama Brown to rest well tonight!

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Team Martins said...

i sure hope you've been catching up on some sleep, my friend!

what is it with the million stuffed animals and stall tactics? thank God we love these babies; otherwise, i'm thinking we would be bald!

your advent sounds so sweet!