Friday, October 29, 2010

Just the two of us...

After feeling at the bottom of the barrel yesterday, I'm feeling rejuvenated today. Daddy Brown came in yesterday afternoon and I'm pretty sure he could tell I was feeling down. He stepped right in and helped me with dinner. I did make my pumpkin soup in pumpkin bread bowls with pork tenderloin and green beans. Of course, we didn't eat supper until around 7:30p, but I felt a sense of accomplishment. Daddy Brown took charge of the boys and I was able to do what I love to do...cook and bake. It was delicious if I do say so myself. You might scrunch your nose up to the thought of pumpkin soup, but honestly, the whole family lapped it up and Daddy Brown went in for a second bowl. That says a lot for Daddy Brown to have seconds.

With bellies full and everyone in a calm mood, I ran to the store, (by myself) to get milk and a few other items. Bathtime and bedtime followed shortly. As Daddy Brown concluded watching the 2nd game of the World Series, he came to bed. We cuddled and snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep. Big Brownie made his way to our room at 5:55a. I swooped him up into our bed in between us and Andy followed suit. All that was missing was Little Brownie, but I wasn't about to wake him up to join us.

About 6:30a, I nudged Daddy Brown and asked if he wouldn't mind if I went for a run. I have a 5k run tomorrow morning that I have not prepared well for. Honestly, my running shoes haven't hit the pavement in about 3 weeks. I needed to knock the cobwebs off the legs and see if I could run for more than a minute. It was COLD. Say about 39 degrees COLD. I put my warm wear on and laced up my shoes. To my surprise, I didn't do as bad as I had expected. I ran for 14 minutes and took a 1 minute break, then ran for another 5 minutes. I think I could have ran a bit longer but needed to get back home so Daddy Brown could go to work. It felt good. I think I've missed the high of adrenaline that I feel when I get out and run. I miss how invigorated I feel when I do. We will see how well I do tomorrow and I'll post some pictures.

After returning home, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a bagel as I checked my email. It was nice to actually have breakfast and to finish it all by myself. It was awesome having a few extra minutes with Daddy Brown, without the Brownies under our feet, to share a few words, hugs and kisses. I need to do better at making time for just us. Our anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. It always reminds me that the Brownies originally started with just the two of us. No matter what kind of day falls in my lap, at the end of the day, I have Daddy Brown to help pick me up and support me. I need to do a better job at picking him up and supporting him. Today, I'm feeling a renewed strength. A renewed love and patience. Who knows how I'll feel this afternoon or this evening, but for now, I'm content. Content in knowing that through my ups and downs, I have my family to lean on.

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